Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The useful box

 This is the useful box, messy hey? Do you have a useful box for your kids? Does it look this this?

This is Isabel making a mess stuff. We cut up the Kmart toy catalogue.

We go through lots of paper, I just buy the black and gold stuff from the supermarket for the printer, she uses that. I got some plastic scrapbooking scissors from the cheap shop, they have interchangeable blades with different cutting patterns. There's no glitter left, and I'm not in a hurry to get more. Maybe I could, and hide it, because I've just had the thought I could put it in the glue.

We ran out of glue, I remembered that Mum used to make it with flour and water, she used it cook it. I did at first, then read in an activity book for kids, that I didn't need to. So now I don't. That's what's in the coffee cup. Flour and water mixed to a glue consistency, and a little paint brush.

She does make a mess, but it keeps her busy and happy for a while. If anything goes on the floor, it get the dustpan and broom and sweep it up, it usually goes straight back in the box. Depends how dirty the floor was in the first place!


  1. Ohhh, we have a whole set of useful drawers! Drives me batty, but the kids love it and are always grabbing stuff out of the bin for their 'craft'.

  2. Izzy's not bin surfing yet! That will be when she gets to kindy and realises that empty food packets are craft inspiration.


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