Monday, May 29, 2017

My hobbies

I don't have one particular hobby that I spend a lot of time on. I have several different hobbies that I dedicate my time to. I'd love to have more time to dedicate to them and I would probably be amazing at them all. I am happy with mediocre.

I think it's important to have some sort of hobby, even if it is just one. Everyone needs something to fill the downtime with, to keep minds active and to help relax, whether that be reading, knitting or scrapbooking, or whatever.

My hobbies begin with gardening. I've made a garden in every house I've lived at for the last 25 years. I find great pleasure in planting something in the ground and being rewarded with gorgeous flowers or produce to use in my kitchen.

It's taken me a lot of years to be good at growing my own veggies. I sucked at it for a long time, mainly concentrating on having loads of colourful flowers. 

I enjoy going on garden tours and looking at other people's gardens too. My mum is  in a local gardening group who do just that once a month and I don't mind tagging along with the old ducks. I am sure they will set me straight about the old bit right away!

My other hobby is photography. I would love to be better at it, and I suppose this is one of those things that the more time I spend on it, the better I will be. 

I have to make more time for getting out with my camera to different places and conditions. I could probably explore with my camera settings to see what more I can do with it.

The Wattle Range Council photography competition is coming up quickly. I need to go through all the local photos I have taken in the last year and pick some good ones I can enter. 

I am a pretty creative person, and love to create when inspiration hits. I 

I don't do one particular sort of craft, like sewing or painting. I like to have a go at just about anything. You could say that I am a jill of all trades when it comes to crafting.

I have never been inspired enough to take up knitting or crochet, but don't mind sitting behind my sewing machine if something takes my fancy. Like the humpty dumpty I made for my Kindergym class.

There was a time when I did lots, and I mean lots of embroidery. I enjoy that, but haven't done any for a while.

I don't mind getting my paintbrushes wet every now and then too, and I've been known to do a bit of drawing.

I tend to only craft when I am inspired and motivated to do so, and I am always happy I did. Google comes in handy if I get stuck on how to get something done! I get very determined when I set out be creative.

Monday, May 22, 2017

An autumns' afternoon at Lake Mac

Saturday arvo I took myself off for a drive to Lake McIntyre. It's like five minutes down the road.

I ducked into Woolies on the way and grabbed a pizza and some garlic bread I could chuck in the oven when I got home for dinner. Easy peasy. Rolled into the adjoining BWS bottlo for a bourbon can for the five minute road trip. Bob's you're uncle.

I spent an easy hour walking around, taking my time and taking photos. I was lapped three times by an avid afternoon walker at one stage!

By the time I'd got home Brett had nipped down to Woolies and grabbed some pizza anyway, obviously filled in by Izzy, and had it in the oven. I added the garlic bread and we spent a Saturday night watching a movie with the kids. Awesome.

Brett nursed his knackerbags after his day surgery 'snip' on Friday. Funniest thing ever! 
We are still finding things to laugh and joke about regarding that! Good on him though for taking one for the team. What a legend.

Joke's on me though, he's home off work for the next few days! Gawd sake!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Petticoat lane, Penola

If you read my last post you would realise that last week I took myself for a drive to Penola. I went to Sharam cottage to raid the herb garden, for a donation of course, and to get away from the house for a good part of the day. 

Sharam cottage, on Petticoat lane, is in Penola in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. Penola, is well known, to locals maybe, for it's wool bombing. It adds an awesome charm to the town, and I love it.

I think it's awesome that someone has had the initiative to hang some petticoats on the line out the front of Davidson's cottage too. 

On the way home back to Millicent, I stopped to take a photo of the trees over the road, just before the Kalangadoo turn off. I grew up in Kalangadoo, and it always reminds me of how carefree and wonderful my childhood was. Why do we need to grow up?

I remember driving through this avenue of trees many, many times. The flickering of the sunlight through the trees, as I sat in the car with my four siblings.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Sharam cottage, Penola

Summer and I joined Mum for a drive to Penola a couple of weeks ago, to have a look at St Mary's Garden.

After lunch at the bakery in town, she took us to Sharam Cottage. 

Sharam cottage is a National Trust property on Petticoat Lane in Penola. It has been preserved to show how the Sharam family lived in the late nineteenth century.

So interesting to see and read their story, if you get the chance, GO and have a look. 

At the back of the buildings, there's a gorgeous little herb, fruit and veggie garden. Produce is left in a little wooden hut for purchase, and you're free to pick as many herbs as you like for a donation. You'll be greeted by the most friendly ginger cat on your arrival! He's a charmer.

The first four photos are from that day we visited with Mum. I returned last week on my own (I needed a mental health day/drive) and had a better look around and took more photos, as well as getting more herbs and some feijoas!

I'm so glad Mum showed me this, and I cannot believe I hadn't been before!

The internal walls were clad with hessian, then a layer of paper, so that the wallpaper of the day would stick to the wall. No gyprock in those days!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Back roads and windtowers

Sunday I took off from home about nine thirty in the morning.  I couldn't get out of there quick enough leaving the girls to a hungover Brett!

I was on my way to the holiday house half an hour away, to clean, as guests were leaving that morning. I had some time to kill as I didn't want to get there too early. They messaged me just before 10 (as I was chatting with the bull) to say they had left and that they'd had a great time, which was lovely. Most of the region was booked out for Generations in Jazz weekend in Mt Gambier. 

My camera came along with me, of course. I turned off at Tantanoola, along the Wind farm tourist drive. So many great views to stop and appreciate. 


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