Friday, August 16, 2019

ICAD 2019 - Week 7

It's been two weeks since the Index Card a Day challenge has finished. I enjoyed getting my head around the prompts, to be creative everyday in June and July.

Here is Week 7 (I am so behind in sharing). There is two more weeks, 8 & 9, which I will share on Monday.

I you can't wait until then you can see them all on my Instagram feed.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

The grass is greener

These are photos taken last week on the Tantanoola/Kongorong road. The road we usually travel down to get to our holiday house, which is only about half and hour from where we live.

In contrast to the dry, brownness of Summer, the grass is lush and there is water laying in the paddocks. New lambs dot the landscape.

I stopped because I wanted to capture this view of the irrigation tractor (if that's what it's called?), with the mountain in the background, because the sun was trying to peek through on the patch of grass at the top. These ranges are one of my favourite comforting views of our area, along with the majestic gums around Kalangadoo

I love this part of the world, where I do believe I am blessed, because the grass really is greener!

The funniest thing as I was concentrating on one side of the country road, a herd of cows started to come from near and far (even running) to see who had pulled up next to their home. I guess they thought I had come with gastronomic gifts. No hay here guys!

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Myaring Bridge

After the girls netball last weekend we set off over the border into Victoria. We are lucky to live so close that we can go interstate on a Saturday drive, and be home before stumps.

I love how each district in our amazing part of the world has it's own charm and unique features. One of the main things I take notice of is nature; trees, the colour of the dirt, the wildflowers. 

The natural scrub around the Dartmoor area is so romantic, so peaceful and reminds me of days past, when previous generations roamed the countryside. On days out just like ours.

Our first stop was a track by the Glenelg river, a track that led to the old Myaring Bridge.
The bridge was built by Mr Wilson in 1893 for 416 pounds, using redgum and stringybark from the surrounding area. It serviced the nearby Myaring Bridge mine which mined limestone and carbonates. The size of the uprights is astounding, a true feat of engineering back in the day.

We had a bbq in a clearning with the babbling sound of the river and kookaburras laughing amongst themselves, or at us. The girls were amused with their chastising laugh, filling the air with their own laughter. The track was fairly boggy at this time of year(and I can imagine crawling with snakes in summer) and doesn't have much space for a car to turn around further down the track, but from the clearing we parked in, it wasn't far to walk.

Brett brought along his metal detector and pans to try our luck, you never know. We didn't strike it rich, but they had fun as we stopped as several different rivers and creeks in the area. Izzy didn't want to head home, she wanted to stay and explore well into the night I suspect. A camping trip may be on the cards.

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