Friday, July 26, 2019

Taking the back roads

Well I've come out the other side of the school holidays intact, but my sanity has taken a beating. Kids are just bloody relentless aren't they?

The last Friday before the holidays begun, I'd been over to Pelican Point setting up the holiday house for visitors. This being the last opportunity to be on my own for a couple of weeks, I decided to take the scenic route home, down Three Chain Road.

I'd driven along this backroad before, but had never noticed the turn off to Lake Bonney, and set off on an adventure along a bumpy little track. 

Lake Bonney is a coastal freshwater lake that spans 23 kilometres and 4 km wide, in the Canunda region.  Truly amazing. It was a popular place in the old days for boating and the like. Due to being polluted it wasn't used for a long time, but these days, the all clear being given the possibility to throw in a kayak is real.

It was a refreshing little drive home for me. Fresh air, and fabulous views of the towering wind farm, sheep grazing on the greenest pastures, and the lake. I love the ranges as I get closer to home, the mounts that surround me like a welcoming hug. There presence on the horizon is so comforting.

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Index card a day - Week 6

36. Thesaurus

37. Botanical 
Inspired by the crabapple tree near my front door, it is all but bare now in it's winter sleep

38. Clue
Professor Plum, in the library with a dagger? A quick pencil drawing saves the day again.

39. Color chart. 
Water colour and sharpie

40. Blueprint
Blueprint is basically a blue background with white diagram. Plenty of blue from paint, paint chips, fabric and a dodgy, sewn white cotton house block plan.

41. Card catalog
A creative take on a library catalogue card. I was reading this novel at the time.

42. Keychain or charm
Pencil and paint chip

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Index card a day - Week 5

29. Terra cotta
Terracotta warrior just rolls off the tongue and was one of things that came to mind for this prompt. Again, good old pencil drawing has given me a quick finish for a card.

30. Lemon or Lemonade
Water colour, texta and sharpie

31. Mismatched
Blue and green should never be seen unless there's something in between. I remember hearing this saying passed around at high school. Does it really break any fashion rules though?

 32. Caramel
I used a small glass tile I found in the bottom of my wardrobe of all places, when I was getting out the sewing machine(which lives at the bottom). I used it for a stamper with watercolour to create these square caramels.

33. Ogee
This prompt had me googling for answers. Ogee is an S shaped line or moulding, usually in architecture. Most images showed an archway, where the top and bottom lines of the arch end up parallel.

34. Constellation
Inspired by The Bachelor promo, "Okaaay...I'm a Gemini".

35. Pine tree
Pine plantations are plentiful in our part of the world. Every now and then we go out and collect pine cones for our wood fire. This is one of those cones.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

ICAD 2019 - Week 4

22. bicycle
I actually painted Summers bike tyre with some watercolour and ran over the card several times!

23. Poem
I am currently doing a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy course, because life is about learning. It is really helping me be more mindful of my thoughts, better ways of coping with my overactive negative mind (I really am a positive person!), and maybe I may help someone else one day. That's where the poem comes from.

24. Music Box
Pencil drawing is, I am finding, my quick go to when I don't know what else to do. I really enjoy it. My daughter Isabel is discovering a love for it too. 

25. rose
This was a mix of a couple of different ideas. I had a photo of the Just Joey rose on my necklace and earring corkboard. I dissected it for this creation.

26. Tinker toys
I did need to google this prompt. "What the hell are tinker toys?".

27. Corduroy
I found some corduroy fabric in the stash to make this card a corduroy garden.

28. Architecture

Friday, July 5, 2019

ICAD 2019 - Week 3

day 15 - storm
Torn paper, paint chips and cloth

day 16 - chandelier
Water colour, gold and silver sharpie

day 17 - wood or bench
This one I went out to our paperbark tree and stripped off some of the bark to create a scene.

Day 18 - Yearbook

Day 19 - yellow
This card incorporates a range of different mediums. Origami paper, cloth, water colour, sharpie and colour pencil!

Day 20 - Vitrina
The paint chips are really getting a work out.

Day 21 - guitar

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