Friday, May 29, 2015

May #52weeksofmemories

17. Colour

An colourful, early mothers day present from school

Izzy painting her sisters face. She's supposed to be a tiger.

18. Water

Walking around Lake McIntyre for the school fun run.

The view of the lake from one of the bird watching huts. By the end of winter, all that green is under water.

19. With mum
Sneaking out to spend time with mum, when she's supposed to be in bed.

20. From the side

Siding at the old Tantanoola train station.

By the side of the road. Had to pull over so she could wee. It was a beautiful day.

21. Animal

Painted at playgroup today. This is our dog, Peppi. Complete with black spots.
It doesn't even matter that she gave him six legs. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Piss farting around

'Piss farting around', seems to be my favourite saying of choice lately.

It's what I say to my kids if, for the third time in a row after asking, they haven't got their shoes on or gotten their pyjamas on.

I have been so busy at our local community garden, I haven't had time or the inclination to blog. It seems a passion for gardening, which I've had all along, has been reignited in a big way. I can't stay away from the place!

I have had the inclination to piss fart about on Facebook, which I think, there is absolutely nothing wrong with. This, or googling how to make compost bins or where the best place to put a greenhouse is. I was mostly kid free yesterday, and spent a good majority of it delving into the world of worm farming. I learned it is really easy, and am on the hunt to scab some worms from someone, so I can begin farming at the community garden.

I hate thinking spending time of Facebook, and getting lost in it's 'rabbit hole', is a waste of time. Or something to feel guilty about. Really, the world isn't going to end if I don't post something. The world isn't going to into meltdown, or (if it isn't on the spectrum) chuck a tanty over the fact I haven't got a post, hot off the press, to tantalise the masses.

When I was in the thralls of young, confused, preteen angst, one of the songs that seemed to stick in my memory was, "It's my party, and I will cry if I want to". Yes someone had a version of that in the early eighties. I found myself justifying my time away from the blog with this song in my head. It's my party, and I'll blog if I want to. Blog if I want to. Or not.

Prime example of piss farting around

I read something recently, it was after Megan, from Musings of the Misguided shared it, in a comment on a another blog I think. The quote, "Any time you enjoyed wasting is not a waste of time". I really enjoyed wasting time online today. I was learning, and piss farting about on Facebook (I hope someone replies after my pleas for free compost worms). 

Most of the trashy links I clicked on were rubbish though. I am getting so sick of crappy articles, like photos of celebs that 'are aging disgracefully'! A couple of these women (there were some men), had never had plastic surgery, like some of their counterparts, and were just old. They weren't ugly. Of course they have sagging jowls and wrinkles. That doesn't mean they are aging disgracefully.  On the other hand, some of them were, and should just plain stay away from the surgeon's knife, because the results ain't pretty.

Is online 'news' giving you the willies lately?

Did anyone catch Open Slather on Foxtel last night? Tell me it was good. They're using my name so I hope it was bloody good. No foxtel here.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The nation wide mummy crush, happening today

Something perfect is happening today, on ABC2.

ABC2 4kids is first choice programming on our TV, any time of day. It goes on when the kids are eating their breakfast of a morning, and at the end, the girls always watch Shaun the sheep with their dad.

Our telly has been on this channel, everyday for the last five years. I don't see anything wrong with that. In fact, I think the kids have learnt and benefitted from it, helping their speech and imagination.

They have always loved watching Play school, and I loved it too when I was a kid.  I can't remember a time when it wasn't on the telly.

I am not ashamed to say, I may have developed a crush on Alex Papps, and several other male hosts of playschool over the years. I remember, back in the day, he had a show with Andrew Daddo, called The Factory. I guess I never got over my teenage crush from back then. 

The Factory filled the void after Countdown ceased. All I can remember from that show is that Andrew Daddo had two dogs called Fug and Benji, and that I was totes crushing on him and Alex. 

Did you know Andrew Daddo went on to write children's books? A lot of children's books!

I digress....Back to playschool. Starting today, Eddie Perfect is joining the cast. I can see another mummy crush sweeping the screens tomorrow. I know I will be watching to see how he goes.

img credit

Did you ever have a kids tv host crush?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Renae weeping rose

In late 2013 I posted about this rose, where the root stock had taken over this beautiful weeping Renae rose. it is spectacular, but not the rose I bought to begin with.

This rose has been here for about 10 years. I have finally cut all the offending rootstock growth out a couple of months ago, and am left with the original grafted Renae rose as it was meant to be.

All this new growth has taken off without the overbearing competition of the black boy rose, and already started to weep over it's support. The Renae rose is gorgeous and smells amazing. I am so glad I got rid of the rootstock growth, as grand as this rose 'tree' was, the Renae rose is awesomer. It may not look as spectacular, but it will once it flourishes.

Who would have known when I planted this way back then, that one of my friends would call her daughter Renae. It's weird, but this rose suits her perfectly and I am so happy to have her namesake rose in my garden.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers day fizzer

Every year I always go into mother's day with great expectations. It's no wonder I get disappointed. One day of the year. One day!

The truth is, it is a day, the same as every other. Besides the ten minutes after the kids wake, with the excitement of it actually being Sunday morning and they have presents to give, they are oblivious to it for the rest of the day.

I would have loved breakfast in bed, a sleep in, someone else to be responsible for cooking tea. These are great expectations.

I see so many social media statuses, saying things like 'I hope you get spoiled rotten on mothers day'. I just shrug it off, and wonder if this is just unrealistic, do mothers really get spoiled on mothers day? Am I just missing the point? 

Motherhood is hard and relentless. Relentless with a capital R, when you hardly get a break from them, especially out of the house. Should I just be grateful I have kids at all, or do I have the right to feel a little ripped off in the 'spoiled' department?

Brett stayed in Pelican Point overnight, he's been shifting and placing rainwater tanks at the holiday house. Really it wouldn't have mattered if he was here anyway. 

Last year I ate toast in bed, someone got back into bed and had a nice sleep in. I got up and cleaned up the aftermath of them cooking me breakfast. Mothers day over.

Yesterday morning I was woken by the kids. Izzy asked me after a few minutes when she should give me my presents. I told her now, if she wanted to. They were very excited. I gave Izzy five bucks to spend at the school mothers day stall. She chose a key ring and card. I also got a button tree she made at school to hold my jewellery. I may keep that tree forever. Summer gave me a $20 Coles Myer gift card. I was kinda miffed we don't have a Liquorland in town, because that baby would have been spent by now!

The morning was spent at the community garden and after we dropped into my mums place. I did get a kick out of seeing the girls giving their nana her present and their homemade heart cards.

By the time we got back well after lunch, Brett was home. Mind you the night before, he said he'd be back before I went to the gardens. He must have had a hard, late night because he didn't move off the lounge for the rest of the day. Nice.

The best part of the day was just before the kids bedtime, both the girls curled up with me on the lounge. Izzy had her head on my shoulder, and Summer snuggled in and threw her arms around my neck and said, "I love you mum!". I cuddled her hard. After a long day, constantly telling myself not to be upset about dumb expectations, it was just what I needed.  I did get spoiled, eventually.

Friday, May 8, 2015

This garden path I'm on

My garden is so established, it doesn't take much maintenance. Seasons come and go. Weeds are pulled, roses are pruned, escaping ivy is contained. The ivy seems to be my biggest problem. 

It wasn't here when we got here, but it took off like a shot in no time. My guess it was here before and it's just taken over again.

I've forgotten the therapeutic benefits of getting out in the garden. I've become complacent, lazy. On Saturday morning I filled an empty green waste bin with ivy that had spilled over the paths borders. It felt good. It made me sweat, and I realise how unfit I am. 

Last week I saw my uncle, and he asked me if I had 'one on the way'. I responded "No. I'm just fat!". I took no offence from it. I have stacked it on. Like I said, I've gotten lazy. 

So back on the healthy eating, an attempt at looking after me. Getting back to the basics, the things close to me, that bring me satisfaction. Like tending my garden, taking photos and appreciating the simple things I have, and not getting down about the things I don't have or have time for. 

Outside my front door, there is a place, my garden, that brings me peace. I never tire of the passing seasons and the wonderful things that happen there.

I've had a garden in every home I've lived in since I was 20. Besides my own garden, I have worked in two fabulous local gardens. Something I am proud of, and really I should be backing myself more than I do, when it comes to garden knowledge.

This year I have joined my local community garden. I've already convinced several gardening stalwarts, that the Slippery Jack mushrooms that grow there, are not weedy fungi. You can actually eat them! A bonus to our community garden if anything.

Being involved in the community garden brings new and exciting possibilities, dreams. Goals. I have already pushed my boundaries, and social anxieties, by approaching several local businesses for donations. I am still feeling apprehensive about it all, but know what I am doing is good. I am feeling unsure about the website I have set up for the gardens. Insecure. But again, is it a good thing.

But like blogging, I just have to believe. If it feels right, just keep pushing on. Keep plugging away. There is always encouraging people and moments of gold along the way. That little piece of sparkle is motivation enough. Motivation that my direction is positive, a step in the right direction. In the end, if the direction is not the one that I am not supposed to be on, at least I have learned new skills. Skills that will boost me on a new path. 

What skills are helping you on your path?
Do you lend your skills to your local community?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Standing in the doorway

You know really, I am a half glass full kinda person. An optimist. 

I'm one of those 'she'll be right' people. 

All it takes is one pang of anxiety, to bring it all that positivity, crashing down around me in one big, loud clang. Everything seems hopeless. My life seems like one big catastrophe, my world is crumbling to bits and weighing down on me. Squashing the happiness from me. 

In that moment I hate it. I hate it. I hate that the smiling, friendly optimistic me has turned, and is now burning me from the inside. 

Today I went to Izzys school for a mothers day morning tea. It went pretty well. I drank coffee and resisted the gleaming array of cakes and biscuits.

One of the teachers fussed about how much me and Izzy looked alike. It was a lovely conversation. 

Afterwards I stood at the door of the classroom block and watched as the kids played outside. Just me there, no distractions and wasn't really paying attention to anything.

As I looked around I felt a warm peaceful wave flow over me. At that moment I felt like everything was going to be alright. My thoughts were the only thing I was listening to, and they were good thoughts. The noise of the playground was blocked out, just a hum, as I listened to me.

"Whatever's happened in the past, is over. It doesn't matter anymore. This is a new beginning, and everything is going to be OK. All that doesn't matter now".

It was a nice feeling, like the clouds had lifted on a beautiful day. To tell the truth it's like it wasn't even me I was hearing, rather than a whisper in my ear.

It would be silly of me to think there'll be no more bouts of crippling anxiety. But for today, I am thankful for that one glorious moment, standing in the doorway of Izzies classroom block.

I am a little bit excited too, because I gave her five bucks to spend at the mothers day stall today. Can't wait to see what she brings home for me :)

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