Open Slather

Open Slather is defined at this website as Australian slang for a free for all, anything goes. Others refer to it as the freedom to act without restrictions or limits.

So link up a post about whatever you like, whether it be old or new, recipe, picture, or prose. Anything goes!!

The link up starts on Monday mornings and runs until Friday night.

I'm breaking the rules and making one rule (or two) - add the 'open slather' button to your post and read and comment on as many linkers as you can find the time for.


  1. Great idea. Can't wait to link up. I often think about your blog when I'm gardening but nothing I do our there is ready to share. Love this idea!

  2. How do we link up? I'm not seeing the gadget....

  3. Shoot it used the wrong email lol


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