Friday, October 25, 2019

Millicent Museum Heritage Day

Earlier this month, the Millicent National Trust Museum wanted to celebrate our wonderful community and history with a free day out for families and visitors, with free entry to the museum.

The museum came to life, with horse and carts, working vintage machinery, volunteers in period costume and a blacksmiths display. The blacksmith was the place to be as the weather wasn't exactly warm and that fire was putting out a lot of heat.

There were old fashioned games which were popular with the kids, along with the train with working parts and the old school bell and the water wheel.

The museum has a shipwreck room, with many artefacts from the wrecks along our rugged coast. It also boasts the finest collection of horse drawn vehicles in the country, many of them being restored onsite by talented locals. There is also a room dedicated to the fashions of yesteryear with the Helen Hughes costume collection.

The Lions Club provided a sausage sizzle and were giving away free cinnamon doughnuts!

The local Country Fire Service were there also, letting the kids have a go at the fire hose and sitting inside the fire truck.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

A loveable little fellow

Look at this little fellow I found by the side of the road recently. He was quite friendly and not camera shy at all!

He did recoil into a ball a couple of times early in our encounter, but soon realised I wasn't a threat, continuing on his merry way of foraging for ants with his tough snout and long protruding tongue.

Thankyou little echidna for entertaining me with your charms, before you plodded away, back into the bush.

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Friday, October 4, 2019

The painted rock movement - Find, share, rehide

Have you ever found a painted rock? If you have, chances are it had a facebook group and a postcode on the back.

Here in South Australia, we have a 'SA Rocks' facebook group, where rock drops and finds are  shared through photos and posts, by rock hunters and painters alike.

We are only new to the concept, but the phenomenon has been in existence for a while, and active in other states of the country.

My mum, being the artist she is, has embraced it head on. She has painted at least a hundred rocks and distributed them far and wide, including taking some to drop in Tassie on a recent trip, with our local postcode on them. I haven't seen these shared on the facebook group though.

Kids love finding the coloured rocks, and it gets them active and engaged in an activity out in nature, with rock drops mainly being in playgrounds, parks and public attractions.

Just yesterday, Mum, with my help, ran a rock painting session for the  public library as part of their school holiday activities. The kids loved painting their own rocks and learning about how they can hide and find rocks as part of the painted rock movement. Even the adults sat down to be creative as well. It is quite addictive, and a fabulous way to let off some creative steam!

We use acrylic paint to paint rocks and seal them with clear varnish to protect the paintwork from the elements of the weather. Posca pens are a popular medium for decorating rocks also.

There are many talented rock painters out there and it is such a creative inspiration to see what other artists are doing.

Here are the links to some of the countries facebook rock groups.

VIC rocks
SA Rocks
NSW rocks
QLD rocks
WA rocks

Let the hunting, hiding, posting a pic, or creating begin!

My painting efforts at the library session

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