Monday, July 16, 2018

Wattle Range Photographic competition 2018

The Wattle Range council photo competition is on again. I attended the opening, on the evening of the 6th of July at the Millicent library gallery. I've chucked a link to the librarys facebook page so you can have a look at some of the winning entries. 

There were over 400 photos entered from 74 photographers. It is wonderful to have our council area on show like this, and I believe we are the only council area in South Australia who has a competition exhibition, where photographs are used in a free council calendar.

Photographs entered must be taken within our local council area, with several categories of entry, like people, business and industry, black and white and landscape.

I didn't get any prizes for my photographs, so many amazing photographers in our region. I do enjoy entering and being a part of it. I enjoy putting my perspective of our council area in with the mix. Community is so important and I am proud of our community and what our area of South Australia has to offer. 

Photographs from the competition are chosen to feature in our local council calender for the following year. These are my entries I put in for this year. I was lucky to have a couple of photos in this years calendar, so hoping I'll see a couple of these in the 2019 calendar!

Monday, July 9, 2018

The struggle of feeding children

Hamburgers for the win

There are but a few dishes made in my own kitchen, my children will actually happily eat. Homemade hamburgers, spag bol, hotdogs, sausage rolls and pizza. Most other things are hit and miss, mostly miss. 

Summer, my youngest announced last night that she only likes the fried rice from the shop, and Izzy had jam on toast last night for dinner. It seems 'brown' sausages' are out of favour and 'red' sausages are in.

My frustration is high and motivation waning.

I see loads of recipes online, claiming "kids will love it" or "kid friendly". WHO are these kids? 

I can't remember my son being so hard to feed. It seemed like he ate everything put in front of him and was always thankful, which is one of the things I love most about him, he always said "thanks mum". Good food memories with that one.

There were probably times when he wouldn't eat something, and if so, it's probably one of those memories that parents of older kids forget. Like childbirth. It's natures way of making us go back and do it again. It's probably why us parents persist with feeding our children, although right now, I am seriously considering outsourcing! 

Say "Yes!" to takeaway fried rice! Fill the freezer with hotdogs and pizza! 

But the mum in me is wondering where the veggie factor comes in. How do I get healthy food in? I suppose I am lucky they like fruit and raw veggies, so I guess it's up to me to start serving more of that (This might me somewhat of a lightbulb moment).

The struggle continues.....

Monday, July 2, 2018

How will we get there? - Kindergym transport theme

I can't believe we are half way through the year, AND in week 10, the last week of Term 2 here in South Australia. 

I've survived being the sole Kindergym coach at our gymnastics club for two whole terms, and I am enjoying it so much!

When I first started planning Kindergym sessions, I had the help of my predecessor, who was great in sharing her resources and ideas. I also tried to look online for ideas, searching Kindergym themes, but there's not much out there specifically aimed at Kindergym.

With that in mind, I thought blogging some Kindergym theme ideas would be a fabulous thing to do, incase other Kindergym coaches were looking for inspiration.

Our theme for this term has been "How will we get there?". So a transport theme. Cars, trucks, trains, planes, boats and buses. Stop, go and wait. Fast and slow.

We've been cooling down at the end of sessions with Wheels on the bus, and Row, row your boat, along with our favourites Der Glumph and Open, shut them. 

Cellophane crunchy, crackly fire

Firemans ladder. I have also used an octonut in halves either end of the parallel bars to make a pirate ship.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Just a bit of June in the garden

Here's just a little bit of what's going on in my garden. Despite being in the thick of winter with it's unforgiving coldness and wind, there is some fabulous things flowering and fruiting!

Lately we've lost some of our big trees and shrubs to old age. Natives don't last forever. We've squirreled some wood away in the shed, and done endless trips to the tip with greenwaste. It has left us with lots more room for new plants, it wasn't a hard decision to fill these gaps with fruit trees.

Miniature versions of citrus, apple and nectarine have filled in some of the gaps in the garden. They are fabulous for smaller gardens. We've even squeezed in a feigoa tree! Summer is going to be in her element when they fruit, she LOVES them.

I've pruned my roses, except for the carpet roses. They are still throwing out a few flowers, but have to get on to pruning those a bit. They tend to get a bit unruly if left to thier own devices.

There's a bee in there somewhere. I tried to coax him out, but he came straight out and flew away. I couldn't get a good shot of him.

Green Hellebores


We have oranges, and behind that, mandarins!

pink carpet roses

I love this colour of snapdragon, so gorgeous! The buds are a dusky pink,, then open to a soft pink. These come up from seed, so I hope I get some more come up of this colour.

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