Monday, January 29, 2018

A weekend to remember

As far as Australia Day long weekends go, this one was the best!

On Friday morning we made our way down to have Australia Day breakfast in the park. I love the eggs cooked in toast and the bacon. It just tastes so bloody good, surrounded by our friends and other community members.

Around lunch time I jumped on a bus at the Sommery (local pub) with a heap of other cool humans to attend the Red Hot Summer Tour concert, at the old gaol in Mount Gambier. It was awesome. I had the BEST day! 

The line up was amazing and I had a glorious time, reliving my youth. The portaloos were a disgusting mess by the end of the day though, can I just say.

Moving Pictures, Screaming Jets, Chocolate Starfish, Baby Animals, The Angels and Suzi Quattro. They were ALL fantastic performers, I hadn't seen any of them before. I am totally signing up for next year, I hope the showmenship is as awesome.

Saturday we hung out at the beach until the sun went down. Another fantastic day with our neighbours, this is becoming somewhat of a tradition, and I like it!

Sunday we were all relaxed with a quiet day at home with the aircon, before school begins for the year, and I go back to work at the gymnastics club for Term 1.

How did your long weekend go?
Tell me. What bands take you back to another time?

Monday, January 22, 2018

Seaweed, plants and a friendly bearded dragon

One thing I love about going to new places is taking notice and appreciating nature. Surprisingly on our visit to Wrights Bay, near Robe, is that is not that much different from Pelican Point, where our holiday house is. 

The plants on the dunes, and the seaweed on the beach are similar, even the reefs that sprawl out into the ocean. I could not help but take photos, of the bright colours, textures and interesting shapes. 

We had a friendly and curious bearded dragon that dropped in at our campsite also, which was a little scary and funny at the same time. Summer and I were most entertained by him as he came right up and perched in the shade with us for a while like an old camping friend. He certainly like the minced meat I threw on the ground, and is probably why he came back the next day. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Umpherston Caves - Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is well known for its sinkholes, especially the cave gardens, right smack bang in the middle of town. 

Umpherston Caves is another beautifully gardened sinkhole within the city limits.

The girls and I went for a drive with my Mum and Dad a week ago, a spontaneous idea of Mum's, and a good idea it was. We went op shopping, had Maccas at the playground, took the girls to the aquatic centre and visited here. I have never been! It's beautiful. It was the perfect itme to come with the hydrangeas out in full bloom.

Apparently the possums come out at night time here too. We'll have to come back again.

Summer was hot and bothered from running around with her sister, and I had to capture her grumpiness.

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