Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gardener of the Year

I've been procrastinating since February, when I first saw this years entry form in the Gardening Australia magazine. I have always wanted to enter, and have year after year, put it on the backburner and mulled over it until it was too late.

Yesterday it came into mind, the competition is about to end. I know I have no hope in hell of winning, my garden looks nice, but it is far from a winner. But I'm not putting it off anymore, I'm going for it, and sending in an entry. I am quite happy with myself for making a definite decision and getting things together to enter, at least I've finally following through with something I've wanted to do, enter a gardening competition.

All I had to do was take recent photos of the garden and provide ones of its early days. Write(in less than 300 words, hard to do) a bit about my passion for gardening and describe my garden, draw a rough sketch of the layout(and it is rough!), and fill in the entry form(out of the mag). Oh, and send a photo of myself!! It's all stuffed in an envelope ready to go.

Our garden is 10 years old this year, it has seen better days. Spring will bring better weather, and I can let the girls run around while I get into it. New white gravel on the paths and some serious weeding and edging will be all it needs, and I WILL enter it again next year.

peach tree

Some new white gravel needed

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