Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sprucing up

Brett has the week off work, he carts chip to Portland in Victoria, the truck drivers are being forced to take leave, apparently it has a lot to do with the Gunns company.

He's decided to do some sprucing up around the yard, I mentioned to him that we should get something to replace the bark that has disintegrated around the house.

He took Izzy with him for a drive and came back with some red scoria, it was only thirty five bucks for the trailer load, cheap for the improvement its made. It won't break down in a hurry, although the red bark has been there for 9 years. Izzy had a great time helping.

Izzy removing the old bark Brett had raked up, she tipped it on the garden, it's being recycled as mulch!
We used old shadecloth to stop the weeds

It looks so much better, and has really defined the area and brought out the rocks and greenery.

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