Monday, March 27, 2017

Views from the side of the road

I arrived home late last night after a few days in Adelaide. I've been doing the practical (face to face) part of my coach training for Kindergym. I know! Like I don't have enough going on!

Next term I'll be taking two Kindergym sessions on a Thursday. Something completely different, but exciting. A little nerve racking, but after a few sessions, I will settle in. I am supposed to be having a go at leading a group today. Aaargh!!

It was also something different for me to be going away and staying a couple of days, 400 kms from home, ON MY OWN. Just quietly, it was bloody awesome. I think I did OK with the city driving too. I don't get why they are in such a hurry!! I may have upset a couple of them to with my cautious driving, I think they'll get over it....

I did pack my good camera, but didn't use it very much. I took a few photos on the way up and some on the way back.

I was too busy getting there and back again, to stop too much. The trip is pleasantly easier and quicker with no kids! No toilet stops by the side of the road, and definitely no little voices from the back seat asking, "How long until we are there?".

Monday, March 20, 2017

I love me too

My youngest had her first sports day ever on Friday. So much excitement for her, she did really well, because she did her best and had great fun doing it!

I usually lay down with her at night, she is the best cuddler and I tell her I love her. Her reply always is, "Me too". That night was the first time she had a laugh and realised the play on words....that she loved herself too. 

I don't know why that was so funny. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl with an infectious personality, and should be in love with herself.  I suppose it does seem funny to a little girl, and she probably (like me) won't realise the importance of loving herself until she is well into her forties.

I hope not. 

I remember when I was a teenager it was not uncommon to use it as a slur towards another person, usually another girl. "She is totally in love with herself!". Like it was a bad thing. The worst thing is she probably wasn't and had all the insecurities and self doubt that everyone of us had.

I've was even accused of being 'in love with myself'. Exactly the opposite was true. I was a cess pool of insecurity, I was in no way popular and couldn't string two cool words together to save my life. I guess because I was so quiet, I came across as a bit of a snob. I think I still do, because I have trouble sometimes having the confidence to say hello to people. I am a great smiler though! Smiles hide loads of insecurities!

In this day and age, with the pressures of social media, it does worry me what insecurities and challenges my girls will face as they age. I realise now, that I must instill in them the importance of loving the way they are, that thier differences are what make them unique. I can only do what I can, and realise that I won't be with them all the time, and hope that the world is kind to them.

By the way, the red team, Banksia, won the whole day. She was so excited! Her older sister had a good day too, and I was so glad I was there to cheer them on and share in thier happiness.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunsets for the soul

These photos are a few weeks old. I've only just had time to edit and post them.

We stayed at our holiday house in Pelican Point in the Limestone Coast of South Australia.

I got the chance for a walk down the beach on my own, with my camera.

These houses are situated on the beach front. Ours is on the back streets, away from the sea, which is kinda better, considering in the rough and high seas of winter, when the waves crash in their front yards!

This bay is called Bungalow Bay, so fitting....imagine being a local and seeing the changing scenes of this bay every week, we only get to see it every few weeks.  

It is a real treat when the sun puts on a show when we are there. 

In the morning we went exploring at Red Rock Bay, where there are more awesome sights.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Must watch TV

This topic would be debatable amongst different people. We all have our preferences and faves. 

Must watch shows on the telly at the moment for me, all happen when the kids go to bed, are supposed to be in bed and trying to go to sleep. So of course, my fave shows are rarely watched without interruption.

It is no surprise I get sucked into late night movies, that I can watch in peace, as the kids are well and truly asleep by then.

We don't have pay TV, Netflix or  anything like that, so I am not up to date with all the popular shows that everyone is or should be watching. I don't have a clue usually, what people with these services are talking about!

Here's a list of my favourite shows I am watching and loving, on free to air telly at the moment. 

Img source

1. I'm a celebrity....get me out of here!

I got sucked in, hook line and sinker in the last series of this show. This year is no different.

I love the light hearted banter of the hosts, Chris Brown (hubba bubba) and funny lady Julia Morris.
I enjoy watching the celebrity's stories emerge, and getting to know them better. This season, Steve Price is one of the celebrities braving the jungle. His interviews featuring other celebrities are inspiring and so interesting to listen to. We get to see a different side to them.
The celebrities test themselves in physical and mental challenges, including the tucker trials that have them eating all sorts of disgusting foods to earn food rewards, not to mention getting way too up close and personal with an array of creepy, crawly critters. 
It makes me realise that even as celebrities, they have real lives, fears and phobias. They appear more real, and I love to watch!

img source

2. GoggleBox

The producers of this show deserve a medal, for total genius. Oh that's right, they won a Silver Logie for Best Factual Program last year. 

Not only it is factual, but absolutely bloody funny. This is my dose of happy pills every week. Like most reality shows, I always wonder, what the hell am I going to watch, when another season finishes.
This current season involves eleven different families or friends, enjoying programs in their own homes, and we see thier reactions to those programs. From current news, to movies and the latest reality tv shows. Highly entertaining.

3. This is Us

I almost didn't start watching this show. When I say that, I didn't even watch the first screening. Lucky for me they encored the first episode, and I was then hooked into the interweaving story of the Pearson family. The way the plot unfolded was amazing.

The story alternates between present day and the past to tell the characters stories. A story which revolves around the present day of siblings Kevin, Kate and Randall.
I am still hooked after four episodes, and I usually don't watch a lot of series drama.

When there is nothing much to watch any other time, I like to watch the Food Network on SBS channel 33. I don't get into the American shows on there much though, the food just doesn't appeal to me as much as other cultures.

I do enjoy watching The Project in the evening, and in the morning I am usually watching Sunrise, although I do get annoyed at the sensationalised news report at times. Any other time the telly is off, or the kids are watching ABC4kids on channel 22.

What are you watching?!

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