Sunday, January 27, 2019

The chair pontoon on the reef

The girls favourite place to play at Pelican Point is at "the chair". A rustic bench set on a pontoon on the sandy reef.

We spent a fair bit of time there recently, exploring the reef. In the afternoon the water is warm, the rockpools deep enough to swim in. Like a spa.

In the evening, we can see steam rising from the water as the night air cools.

In the morning a sea mist blurred the line between sea and sky on the horizon. The water was a little cooler as the tide rose during the night, bringing in the cold water from beyond the reef.

What a fabulous natural playground!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Haybale views

Last week we had a break at the beach house in Pelican Point. Well tried, it's nice to be at the beach, but it's a bit like...same shit, different house. Hence my absence last Monday. I did try to post using the internet on my phone, but no success.

The house has been pretty well booked out since before Christmas, we took the opportunity to stay while we can! I've been busy coming and going cleaning and changing linen too, even Christmas morning. It's been hectic.

Every time I saw these views on the way, on the Tantanoola/Kongorong road, I have said many times I should stop, I wish I had the camera. 

Well I made the point of stopping this time.  I am so glad I stopped, because a week later they are gone, and the paddock harvested and flat.

We were treated with an amazing sunset on the first night. Pelican Point was showing off, as we had friends drop in for a BBQ dinner after exploring the beaches.

Monday, January 7, 2019

As the sun set on 2018

We headed to Southend in the afternoon, driving along the beach to find a spot not too windy. The go kart was unloaded first, then the beach mat, chairs and esky were put in position.

We were ready to say goodbye to 2018.

It was a beautiful day and we couldn't have had it any better. Dinner was cooked on the back tray of the ute, on our camping bbq, sausages and lamb chops. So Australian. With bread and sauce.

Friends joined us. The kids searched for white currants on the bushes in the dunes, close to where we trudged over for toilet trips. They rode the go kart along the beach, the other beach goers, amused by the sight. The surf was perfect as they swam and dug in the sand.

The sunset was beautiful, the beach full of holiday makers, doing the same thing as us. Saying goodbye to another year. Camp fires dotted the coastline, as darkness came and we waited to watch the  early fireworks, across the bay at Beachport.

Then it came time to pack up and head home. We never made midnight, after a tiring day at the beach.

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