Monday, July 9, 2012

Death lillies

I went looking for some flowers to cut for inside the house. From the front door, I can see the arum lillies are starting to flower, I have always known them as death lillies. I have a few of them growing about the place.

death lilly
Watsonias are growing in a couple of spots in the garden, they are flowering now.


I grabbed a pair of scissors and headed out the door, with the camera around my neck, to cut some flowers. Since I've started blogging the camera comes with me a lot!

I cut some leaf stalks off the Madarense geranium, to add to the bunch of flowers. This isn't in flower at the moment, but gets a huge cluster of pink flowers growing out the top in Spring. It has great foliage.

Madarense geranium

This is the bunch of flowers I ended up with, very simple with only two types of flowers, but very effective. Sometimes less is more.

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