Who is the chook?

I grew up in the eighties in a tiny town called Kalangadoo, in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. The family moved to Millicent when I was 12, right before I started high school.

Our family of seven rolled into town with a laden Toyota Dyna like the bloody Clampetts (which when you're twelve is highly embarrassing). I've been here ever since.

I'm a mum of three. I had my first when I was 20.  Despite the hard slog with this one, I love him to bits.

Brett and I were married in September 2007. We have two girls, Isabel,  and Summer. I don't know how I ended up with all November babies, all Scorpios, just one of those freaks of nature. There are no more babies planned (my uterus would jump out in front of a bus if I thought about it!). 

I enjoy photography, something I discovered by doing Fat Mum slims photo challenge.  Here you'll see lots of photos, of the kids, my garden, my kitchen creations, my local area, the Limestone Coast (which I love to overshare!) and other random stuff.

I worked in a chicken/fish and chip shop for nearly 9 years. I left that job for good, when I was seven months preggers with Summer. In the past I have worked in a coffee shop, a timber mill and gardened at two different display/open gardens.

I started my blog because I really wanted to share. Besides that, it's a place for my kids to come to when they are older, to read about them, me and their lives growing up. Stories and pictures about them and their family. Occasionally they will sit beside me and look through posts about them, and laugh and giggle. It's like their own online photo album. 

As for 'One Mother Hen', my dad has always called me chook, still does. I find it quite amusing when we are out and the girls walk (or dance, or cartwheel) along side and around me, just like chicks do with the mother hen. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy looking around.

Contact me 

email:  alleychook@bigpond.com

twitter:   @alleychook


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  1. Thanks so much for dropping by and I thought I would return the visit:) I love this page, a great way to get to know you:) My chicks have all flown the coop and me and my Fellow are retired and loving the fact we don't have to do anything we don't want to! (not totally, chores are still around, lol)
    I am now following you via GFC:)

    I would also love to invite you to hop over and join Lets Get Social Sunday where you can link up your blog and all your social sites to meet new friends and gain more followers:) (live right now)

    Hope to see you there!
    PS We could totally have drinks together, my favorite is Bourbon and Coke and my favorite wine is also white:)


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