Monday, July 9, 2012

One of those days

I woke with a stuffy head, I've got Isabels cold. Summer has had a bit of a runny nose and seems to not have as bad as Iz, which I like to think is because shes on the boob. I felt better after my morning half teaspoon coffee. I have never been much of a coffee drinker, but lately I've been waking up tired, and having one to get me out of autopilot. Iz had a dose of panadol, she woke up miserable, in hindsight I should have given her something to eat, because she had a drink and spewed everywhere. A bath ensued and me cleaning up the crap lounge.

This is the lounge thats seen us out for nearly 10 years, it's got stains and food covered paw prints on it, and the odd dog hair. I always have a blanket on it, to catch the further beating it receives from another two kids. The blanket and the floor copped it, wasn't too hard to clean up, remove the blanket, mop the floor and spray some Glen 20 around, job done. Summer was playing on the floor happily while this was going on, thank god she's not crawling yet, and I could bath Izzy without worrying about her crawling through spew.

I felt better as the day went on.  I looked at the clock at 11am while sweeping the floor, still in my pjs, and my first thought was, this day is a write off. I got on the computer and downloaded some movies, I was in the mood for Mary Poppins, and I had a feeling Izzy would like it. She has just started getting into watching movies, Toy Story 3 is becoming a hit. History repeating itself, Jake loved Toy Story when he was a kid, we had it on the clunky video tape. I was still dressed the same when Mum came over at 1pm, bearing some Codral lemon tea stuff, she'd seen my status on Facebook that I was feeling like crap. Good on mum :).

After she left, I decided to get dressed and get out of the house. I was glad I did, we went down and parked in the Woolies car park and walked down to Plant plus. I headed straight for the bargain bin, although I had gone there with the intention of buying some punnets of flowery annuals. I found a few bargain pots, two at a dollar and one for $4. These would have been 9-12 dollar plants once, they just need some love. I got some pansies, daisies and cinerarias in punnets.

$20 of 'I feel better'
I definitely felt better after spending some money on plants, forgot the snail pellets though, so some of them wont go in the ground until I get some! 

We came home and I put Mary Poppins on, it was in Russian!!! Fool me for not checking what I was downloading!! We watched the Wizard of Oz, Jake used to like that too. It took a bit of convincing, and some singing from me, but she watched most of it, and even got up and danced when the munchkins came on. Mary Poppins will have to wait til tomorrow, I checked before I downloaded it this time. I'm actually looking forward to it, The Wizard of Oz was cool!!


  1. Buying plants is always a good tonic for feeling better.


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