Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shoe box

So many things go unnoticed in our busy lives and there are always little things that we forget. One of these things was the date I had painted on our shoebox, it was just a quiet moment sitting in the kitchen that I glanced and noticed it. This has been where all of our shoes have lived for 12 years.

The box was from Dads shed, I think it was a crate that truck parts had been delivered in. I painted the inside black and adorned with wild flowers, then oiled the outside to highlight the wood. When I was pregnant with Jake, 20 years ago, my mum and I, went and did a folk art class. It was the start of a love of painting old things and making them useful and interesting pieces for my home.

My potato and onion bin, is another favourite. There were many comments from people when I started it, that it was an old outside dunny can. Probably was, but it was hardly used. It was slightly rusty inside, so I took to it with a wire brush, and made sure I washed it well. Painted it all black and painted dolls on it. I painted a purple ribbon coming from one of the handles into the bin, where a dolly is climbing in. I love it. It's been housing my spuds and onions for about 15 years.

 A more recent project is the toy box. I found it at a market for $25, when I was pregnant with Isabel, about 3 years ago. It was already painted black, so all I had to do was add some artwork. I painted the teddy bear panel on the lid from a picture in a craft book.

I don't do much painting, but there will be something that comes along once in a while that I see potential in, this inspires me, and ideas and creativity flows.


  1. Those are so pretty! This caught my eye because my Granddaddy just loves folk art and I see stuff in their home when visiting. -Tabitha

  2. Thanks. I like the look of it too. These days it isn't that affordable to buy, and I enjoy doing it myself.


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