Thursday, June 28, 2012

Planting Peas

I found a half used packet of pea seeds in my 'seed junk draw', there's all sorts of things in there, but its where I keep the seed packets.

It was such a beautiful day, we had been for a walk and had lunch with friends in the main street. Isabel was still full of beans, so I took her out to plant them.

The veggie patch isn't very big and it has a few things growing, like broccoli, onions, silverbeet and lettuce. There are parsley and dill seedlings coming up everywhere, a thyme plant and some oregano. A couple of stray potato plants have come up, probably from peelings I had chucked on there. Everywhere else in between there are weeds!!!

I pulled the weeds out to clear a patch. Isabel didn't help, she wanted gloves and was too busy playing with my camera! But she did put the seeds into the dirt and helped cover them up. I'm not expecting much to come from them and if there are peas, most of them get eaten before they go inside for the pot anyway!


  1. Love your garden! My kids love growing seeds, we have the sun on our side at the moment and they grow in no time. Perfect for littlies who don't like waiting.

    1. We have cold, wind and rain! I love my garden too :)


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