Friday, June 15, 2012

My girls

Dad wanted boys first up.

I am the oldest of five. He got two girls first up, me and my sister are the same age for three weeks. The month after I turned two, Mum gave birth to twin boys, she knew she was carrying two, but the doctor was adamant there was only one. Dad was over the with the news he had TWO boys.

I guess in the early 70's, ultrasounds weren't the norm. I had one with Jake, in the early nineties, two with Izzy and three with Summer! My youngest sister was born just before my fifth birthday. So at the age of 24 Mum had five kids under 5!!

When it came to grandchildren, he got five boys in a row! I had Jake, my younger sister had two boys, and then my little sister had two boys too. I don't think Mum and Dad were expecting any more grandkids, but I added two at the tailend. Two beautiful girls.

Isabel (2), and Summer (7 months)
I'm not really sure about one of my brothers, whether he will add the mix, I hope so. The other got married last year, and they aren't having any. So Izzy and Summer may well be the last......unless either of my sisters go again!!

None of us kids have had twins(I thank my lucky stars!!), but it apparently skips a generation, so one of my kids or my nephews will end up with them. I may be the proud Granny(eek!) or Nanna of twins.


  1. I love your reference to yourself as Granny, haha. I have heard the skip a generation with Twins also, so my husband and his sister are up for this one. I was hoping the twins would come first up, dreading having twins with an older child already, however any child would be a blessing. Thanks for linking up for Flashback Friday Blogshare!

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