Sunday, June 17, 2012

Elmo Schmelmo

I've been building it up for the last couple of months, especially the last week, "We're going to see Elmo!" Today we went to see Elmos World tour. What started looking as third row seats (C1,C3 and C5) turned out to be front row seats! Cooool. It wasn't as packed as the first two shows would have been, being the third show of the day.

The show should have actually been called Abby Cadabys world tour, but I guess Elmo is a bigger drawcard. It was storied around Abby having to make her way to Australia to pick up her new 'unbroken' wand. Of course with a broken wand, it took her a few times to conjure up the letter 'A' to visit Australia. It took them around the world, to China, Zambia, India and there were a couple others, that don't come to mind straight away. The look on Isabels face when Elmo came on was priceless, well worth the 20 bucks for her seat. It was all singing and dancing and some audience participation. I was very entertaining, and I enjoyed watching Isabel enjoy it too.

Super Grover and The Count made appearances, Big Bird, Zoe, and Cookie Monster too, who ate the letter C, because C is for cookie of course!

Ernie and Bert made an appearance, much to the delight of everybody with the oohs and ahs that followed, after they made their way through the "bathroom door". A stage bathroom complete with bath, rubber duckies and bubbles cascading from machines either side of the stage. The bubbles cascaded several times during the show after that.

I booby fed Summer, not long after the show started, and she slept for about 20 minutes. I was surprised she fell asleep, because for the first few minutes all she tried to do was pull off the boob and crane her head towards the stage! She loved watching it too, when she woke.

The funniest bit was when Lady Ba Ba was introduced and given a 'lift' back to Australia at the end. A reworded version of Poker face was sung and danced to and it was all over. We made it out of the theatre and back to the car before it started to pour with rain. A very enjoyable outing. 

Lady Ba Ba along with outrageous outfit

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