Saturday, June 9, 2012

The cat and a quiet weekend

I got out the shower tonight with the cat screaming at me, I've realised I haven't fed it today. Brett and Izzy left for Adelaide yesterday to see Poppy John, he was flown there last week, he's not in good shape. I did remind Brett to change Isabels nappies, feed her and make sure she has a drink, I think it's probably just a mother thing. Sometimes I wonder if he has a clue at all! I'm sure he'll do fine.

Brett is the usual animal feeder. We have fish, birds, dog Rosie and the cat. She came to us from Bretts sister, she was giving away animals when she had her son, about 7 years ago. We just call her Puss Puss, but her name is actually Point Three, it doesn't get called that much. I put a bowl on the floor in the kitchen, because I know if I put it out the back, the dog would wolf it down, or protect it so the cat wouldn't even get a look in. Now I have to try and catch the bloody thing to put it outside, I hate it. If she's laying on the bed and I walk in she darts under the bed, it shits me no end when Brett goes to sleep with her on the bed. I don't know why he doesn't put her out before he goes to sleep. It doesn't happen all the time, thank god. The only time that cat wants to know me is when I'm pregnant, it's the only time she's ever come and sat on my lap.

I have had a quite weekend, just me and Summer. It's a nice break to have just one baby to cope with. I actually woke this morning thinking that Izzy was still asleep and realised, no, she's not here. I did the usual things, dishes, washed clothes and did the cycle of bringing yesterdays in on the clothes horse and hanging the washed stuff out in the pergola, or is that patio or deck even. I'm not sure of the right name for it. I'm going to have to look that up! The weather isn't very kind to getting things dry at the moment, and probably wont be for months, the dryer broke down last year. Cleaned the bathroom and the pantry, I almost did the can't be stuffed thing, but thought I'd better do something while I didn't have Izzy here.

I've cooked and frozen baby food and made foccacia. I let the bread maker mix the dough, and cook it in the oven. I love the smell. A friend came over earlier and gave her half, I'll have some for lunch tomorrow, there's some silverside in the fridge that needs using. The last two nights I haven't had to cook for anyone, it's been bliss, I had sausages in bread with sauce tonight!! Mum cleans offices, and on Fridays she cleans out the fridge. There was left over mud cake and strawberry sponge she couldn't throw out and dropped off some here last night, so that was my Friday night dinner! It's back to the grind tomorrow afternoon though, when they get home. Until then I will have to enjoy my time being a mum of one and a whole lot less mess.

Foccacia with mixed herbs on top

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