Wednesday, June 27, 2012

play doh

As all grandparents do, Isabels spot her money every now and then. Pop gave her ten bucks, unbeknown to Nana, she gave her fifteen half an hour later! So she had $25 in her hot little hand, and Nana suggested we go check out the Target toy sale.

I'm not one for going crazy when the toy sales are on, its just not on the top of my priority list. We have MORE than enough toys. We went to have a look anyway, at our local Target Country, I wasn't expecting there would be much there, its not a huge shop.

They did have a lot of toys! We already had a bit of playdough stuff, but there was a huge tub for half price, normally $45 for $22. Bargain!!

There were about twenty tubs of playdough in this tub, and lots of bits and pieces. I let her have three tubs and hid the rest. We are going to be in play doh for a while, but this is the recipe we use when we have none. Its from a book called 'Play together, Learn together', a garage sale find. It has some great activities to do with kids.

You can check out or buy this book here

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