Monday, June 18, 2012

Onion Rings

Bretts home today, his dad passed away peacefully on Saturday morning. We were expecting it, and are off to Adelaide tomorrow for the funeral on Wednesday.

I kept thinking it was Sunday today, and cooked a lazy lunch for all of us. Isabel asked for eggs. So I put some potato wedges in the oven and got the eggs out ready. I cut the wedges and leave the skin on the spuds, then drizzle, well Isabel drizzled, olive oil, and ground salt and pepper on top. She likes to get in on the action. She  drags a chair up to the bench quick smart and loves to help.

While the wedges are cooking I have the bright idea to make onion rings. I worked in a fish and chip shop for eight years before I had the girls, and I reckon I'm a gun at frying stuff, I should be!!

My recipe for batter, is how we made it at the shop. Two thirds plain flour, a third SR flour and water. I use a whisk and plastic bowl, one with some give, and beat it like mad to get the air into it. Always turns out great. I coat everything with flour before I dunk it in the batter.

Airy batter and floured onion

So for lunch today we had wedges, fried eggs and onion rings, I should have cooked heaps, because they were so moorish. I could have eaten more!!

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