Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mothers group spread

September was my turn to host our monthly mothers group. With sickness in our house this month and various Mums having other engagements, I squeezed it in right at the end. There was no playgroup being school holidays, so a get together at my place fit in well. With 6 adults and 9 kids, the table and the house was a shambles, but a good shambles.

I noticed that others always had nibblies, so I did my usual spread. I didn't think it was that special and really wasn't expecting the gushing comments or any of it really being eaten. I plonked it all in the middle of our big square table and hoped for the best. There is something especially satisfying when I've managed to successfully cater and please people with food. The mums and kids had a great time. 

It's all getting rehashed for our visitors for the grand final today. I may be the first person to ever serve scones (there were some left that I didn't put out) for footy nibbles. Bravely going where no woman has been before!! ;P 

What's for brunch?

  1. Warnambool vintage cheddar, Mum and dads chorizo, Always Fresh - Deli Style mixed olives, Always Fresh - Sundried tomato Strips mixed with Woolies Select Chargrilled vegetables.
  2. Doritos - Nachos Cheese
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Boysenberry jam
  5. Scones
  6. Watermelon, Pineapple, cucumber, carrot, celery
  7. Captains Table -Cracked Pepper water crackers, Veri Deli - Fig and mixed grain crackers
  8. South Cape Spring onion and chive cream cheese


  1. Wish my mother's group spread had looked that good.

  2. Oh yum that looks great. I'd just eat the plate of fruit for my self lol.


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