Monday, October 1, 2012

Stumbling - Open Slather

Wow!! Mondays are rolling around quick! The months are passing like wildfire, and before I know it, I will be christmas shopping AGAIN, at the last minute. Before the big jolly, fat, red man comes, I have the girls joint birthday party to organise and get through, our local show will be in town, and of course a horse race to get excited about. I love the Melbourne Cup, I've never actually been. I just love the energy and excitement of the day, and the one day of the year(along with a lot of people), to have a punt on a few horses.

We've just had the AFL grand final get together this past weekend. It was a small affair this year. My bestie Elle came along in all her Hawthorn regalia, with Collingwood out of the big one this year, I supported her team. Brett had a couple of mates and his brother out in the shed going for Sydney. Needless to say it was the first time I had seen my friend in tears at the end of a footy match, with her condoling "poor Buddy". The boys and Elle partied on in the shed a good part of the night after the game, by the time I'd got the kids in bed and tidied up inside the house I was knackered. I spent the rest of the night, before I fell asleep to the sound of voices and loud music, curled up in bed with my laptop, stumbling.

By stumbling I mean Stumble Upon. I came across it not long after I started to blog. Every time I hit the stumble button, a different website comes up on something I've told it I'm interested in, from gardens to music, or cooking to trivia. I stumble when there is not much else happening on the net, when facebook is quiet, or I'm just in the mood.

You can visit my Stumble Upon page here and come and see what I've been liking. I love that it does all the work on finding cool stuff to look at and read.

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