Sunday, September 23, 2012

Parmesan pastry straws

I had a couple of sheets of puff pastry in the fridge, I had full intentions of making something out of it for Izzys playgroup for the end of term party, like the pizza scroll thingys.  I put it off and left it too late, so I took popcorn, easy. I took it last time too. I think I may become known for the one that always takes popcorn, what can I say, the kids love it.

To use the pastry I decided to make pastry straws. I only made them once before and I used curry paste, coconut and coconut cream that time, that was choice. 

I finely diced and squashed some garlic and mixed it with some margarine and herbs. Then spread the margarine out on the pastry and sprinkled the parmesan over the top and cut it into strips. Twisted them up and baked them for 10 - 15 minutes, I think, I really forgot to look at the clock. I would advise you to check on them and take them out when they are nice and golden brown.

Luckily I had people coming over, so I didn't eat them all. Izzy loved them and ate quite a few. They make great nibbles.

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