Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cold mornings suck right now

Here I sit, having my first coffee of the day, sitting at my computer (this is one of the few times of the day I sit here), freezing my tits off. It sucks. I have become way too accustomed to waking to a preheated house, thanks to the reverse cycle air conditioner. This morning, no thanks to the piece of crap wasting space on the wall, I have gotten up and turned on the little fan heater(kindly provided my mum), to try to at least take the chill off. Yesterday I baked cake, and purposefully roasted a chook for tea to warm the house. Today looks like it's going to be sunny, so the afternoon sun will warm the house.

Izzy licking the cake bowl
I really shouldn't be so harsh, our air conditioner has served us well the last 10 years, well 9. It packed up during the last summer, we had no cooling for 5 weeks through the hottest time of the year. We spent a lot of time at Mums last summer. We built on nearly two years ago and our poor system just couldn't keep up with the extended open plan. By early afternoon our home was a saunatious hot box. It made me miserably cranky, not to mention the kids. 

We really should have replaced it then, but now we are without any heating for the next two weeks. I can't win a trick. Our cash jobbie sparky is busy over the weekend, grand finals and all, and with a week job, he can't put our bigger and better system until the following weekend. Woo hoo! I can't bloody wait it will be nice to be cool as cucumbers this summer. 

When Izzy was born my car had buggered air conditioning, poor mite sweltered. When Summer was born we had no air conditioning in the house, poor mite sweltered. I am looking forward to living luxuriosly in coolness this year, and waking up to warm as toast next winter. I am over having to cope with things stuffing up. But you know if our heating/cooling system is all I have to whinge about, then compared to most, really, I'm one lucky broad. 


  1. cold mornings are horrible arent they! hope there is some relief for you soon ;)


  2. hate cold mornings.. especially cos its too warm to use the heater/aircon so I now suffer in silence..

    and get a headcold :(

  3. I turned my air cons on today cause it was hot. I was just feeling so overwhelmed by the growing humidity, and because I have been trying not to use it, I feel like my body just hasn't cooled down at all.
    Being hot is a legitimate reason to complain in my book!


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