Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Miss Polly had a dolly...

When I had my son, my Gran said "It's looks like she's just playing with one of her dollies". Kids grow up so fast, I will probably be thinking the same thing when my daughters have babies.

You can just call me Polly, because my youngest dolly has been sick, sick, sick...
I have never had a kid with croup before, and that horrid sound of barking had me booking a seat in the doctors clinic lounge. I hate said lounge, I'm not one to frequent it unless I have to. A few days of medi and little Summer was all good. Enter the mystery 'virus'. 

It saw us back in the lounge of old mags, info-ads tv (got me buggered why they think sick people want to watch that crap while waiting for the doctor), old people, mothers, children and phone surfers. I got the answer I thought I would get, go home, give panadol, go to the hospital if she gets worse. I was angry at myself for expecting anything different. But spots, fever and a listless kid had me worried. The doctor, not our usual one, had bulk billed me when I went to pay and I was glad I hadn't wasted money on go home and give her panadol.

It did have me worried.  A few years ago, when 38 weeks preggers with Izzy, I was sent home with Jake, with 'it's just virus'. Six hours later I sobbed and worried, while I sat in a dark plane with him on our way to Adelaide with the Flying Doctor. A terrible experience I wouldn't wish on any mum, thankfully he survived his suspected encephalitis.
I took her to the hospital that night, because she hadn't changed and had a temp of 40. Our usual doctor, the one that had delivered the girls, was on call. Although he sent us home after all the usual checks, I felt more reassured because I trusted his judgement. He is so laid back and easy going, I always feel better after a visit with him.

The poor little mite has been out of action all week. Too tired to lift her head, to smile, to cry even. It consumed every ounce of energy she had.  I took her back to the doctor on the sixth day of having fevers and laying asleep and lifeless. A different doctor again. He seemed concerned so sent me to emergency at a nearby town. She was seen by two more doctors there, again I was sent home. In the time that I'd booked the appointment in the morning and getting to the hospital, she had improved, not so listless and her temp was levelling out.

Sum came good on the seventh day, it was good to see her smiling again and interesting in playing. It still took a few days before she was 100%. She's back to spreading books, toys, and food all over the house again, and I couldn't be happier. It was nice too, that Izzy left Sum alone, while she was sick. I wasn't yelling at her for annoying the bejesus out of her little sister. Soon enough Sum will be getting her own back, and Izzy wont know what hit her.


  1. ohhh poor lil mite!!!! That would have been scary 6 days of fevers and no doc new what was wrong.. what a powerful virus that must have been!!!!! :( Glad she is on the mend!

    #teamIBOT was here to say hello :)

  2. poor little thing and poor mummy too.

  3. It's horrible isn't it when our children are sick. You have been through a lot in the last couple of weeks. I'm glad she is on the mend. There will be big smiles in no time!
    Prue X

  4. Oh I hate these mystery illnesses the kids get. You never know what is going on, and they often hang around. Glad she is on the mend now.

  5. Sounds like the week from hell. Glad that she has come good.
    Love to you and your dollies.

  6. Oh that sounds so awful. Sick children are terrifying sometimes- and how I hate croup! Glad she's getting better xxx


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