Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Short bursts of madness

It's short bursts of madness, when everything happens at once, that has me running around like a chook with it's head cut off. I remind myself I'm not the only one, every parent has times like this. 
Izzy pulled the tent down I had set up between the kitchen bench and the table. Down came my water bottle, the salt and pepper shakers and a earthenware jug that was holding down the sheet on the bench. I was sitting in the lounge room feeding a tired Summer. When she was done I put her on the floor, and went to clean up the tent, the water bottle was open and everywhere and the jug broken. On my way past the table, Izzy looked at me while pouring her painting water all over the glue she had tipped on to paper, sending water running all over the floor. Summer sat crying on the floor, while I quickly cleaned up the mess. I've never been one for controlled crying, but I just needed two minutes of catch up time. I laid Summer tummy down in her cot. 
I was in the kitchen and doing some dishes. Izzy asked "What are you doing Mummy?". "Losing my marbles, is what I am doing!". She sat on the floor with some textas and I thought she was happily drawing. As I went to wipe down the benches and the table,  I noticed a line of texta on the floor. It circled the table, and led to where she was drawing in the lounge room. 
By the time I had dealt with that, Summer had gone off to sleep. Bless her cotton socks. Izzy was deciding it was time for a change of clothes with half the contents of her drawers on the floor of her bedroom. I turned back down the hallway and forgot I saw it. It can wait until later, they can't fall any further and I needed a coffee!

Besides the madness the day wasn't too bad, photos on the tramp, playlists on YouTube, dancing, two Toy Story movies, Izzy helping me vacuum, Summer hovering around in her walker. I have never seen a kid so fascinated by the vacuum cleaner. 

These bursts of madness are shortlived, but they seem to go on forever when I'm in the middle of one. Moments of gold surpass them, like when Summer follows me down the hallway, only to greet me with a beaming smile when she finds me sitting on the toilet with the door open. Then rolls past only to come back with the same beaming smile, because she found me again, like roller derby peek-a-boo.

Last night Brett had a pinching nerve in his glutimus, this morning while I made toast Izzy came out with "Daddy has got a sore arse!". It had me in fits of giggles. A few days ago while I fed Summer, she sat with her dolly propped up on a pillow, feeding with her shirt up. She put dolly on the pillow, looked at her and announced "Udder tit!" and promptly swapped sides. More gold that had me laughing. Monkey see, monkey do, she's a little parrot. I'm so glad she hasn't picked up on my FFS and F*** me's, when I'm having a moment. The time will come! I should really kerb my language, but a well pronounced and vocal FFS always makes me feel better.


  1. ahh yes my daughter is a parrot too!!!

    Boobies, Bras, the occasional F word...

    fabulous post!

    #teamIBOT was here to say hello!

  2. Oh gosh you sound like a busy mumma. Don't be to hard on your self about the crying thing. It's totally normal for you to want some time just a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts on how to tackle things.

    I can relate to the kids ruining things. Hopefully they will grow out of it lol.

  3. Oh it always happens at the same time! Moments of sheer craziness! I'm sure that they know! ;)

  4. I can completely relate. It's so hard and busy when they are so young. Rachel xx

  5. They are like little sponges, aren't they! My oldest's first full sentence - and this was a child with delayed speech - was standing next to me, looking upstairs at her father hanging over the bannister, "Oh P*ss off Chris!". No idea where she got that....ahem

  6. I love your child's expressions, so funny. I have to say i let my little one watch tv this morning - last day of school for the term and i wanted to write - i heard the the cartoon talk about 'butt kicking aliens' before a young cartoon couple began smootching, making all the smootching noises ... i asked poppet if it was too old for her, she disagreed, but then turned the channel. I was relieved - however next time she talks about butt kicking i'll know where she got it from.

  7. fabulous post!! I am exhausted reading it... nodding... every step of the way.. that is my daily life...

    luckily today I only have 1 child to contend writing on the floor with or poo smeared on the wall...

    ahhh such bliss!

    Popping by via FYBF :)

  8. Very funny! My girls KNOW when I've had a swearing slip up. For example after a minor road rage incident I had P2 (who is almost three) say "Why you say f@#king people Mummy?". P1 (aged 5)regularly refers to her sister as "a pain in the arse".

  9. The bursts of madness do seem to go forever, don't they??! I have to keep reminding myself that they're short lived as I'm going through one.
    My little boy is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Glad to hear your little one is fascinated by it :) x


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