Monday, November 3, 2014

A liebster from Leanda

Thanks to the beautiful Leanda Michelle for nominating me for a Liebster award. 

I am not very good at passing them on, but I've taken the time to answer the questions set by Leanda.
1. Do you dream and decipher its meaning?
When I have dreams, really vivid dreams, it is mostly of someone chasing me. A pursuit, usually for my life. Some ogre or baddy chasing me down alley ways, around buildings, where I hide within, or behind things. I have never really looked into why I dream these things. 
2. How many towns/suburbs/cities have you lived in your lifetime to date? And which was your fave?

I haven't lived a lot of different places. I know that when I was little, really little, I lived not far, from where I do now. I then lived in a small town called Kalangadoo, where I spent just about all of my childhood, great memories. Epic memories. It would have to be my fave.

I then moved to the town I am still living in. So much growing up, in the one place. One area, I love to bits. The Limestone Coast.

3. Do you prefer a good movie or a good book and why?

These days I would probably go for more than the other, and that is a good movie. It takes me less time to watch a good movie these days to read a good book. I hardly even get to see a good movie!
4. Are you a savoury or sweet person?

Oh gee, this is hard. I love to cook. I love to cook savouries, like curries and soups. But I love, love a good dark chocolate! I've been loving sweet things a little too much lately. Tonight is the second time this week I feel sick from having stuffed myself silly!
5. Where’s your fave holiday spot?

I would have to say anywhere by the sea. We recently stayed in Robe for the weekend and it was awesome. Sun, sea and shopping!
6. Name one thing on your bucket list you’ll aim to achieve in the next 12 months.

I want to finish the 'My place in time' challenge. I also have been thinking about having a market stall, a LOT. 
7. Who’s your fave author and why?

Oh I don't know. One book that always stands out for me is 'playing the jack' by Mary Brown. It's the only book I think I have ever read twice! Enid Blyton was a favourite of mine when I was a kid. I loved reading about Dick and Fanny and Moonface!
8. What does success mean to you?

Making people happy. I think if someone has been made happier by crossing your path, you have succeeded. That being you are content with yourself as well, and have only made making people happy, without thinking about any gain for yourself first.
9. Name one thing most people wouldn't know about you.

I don't think people know that I don't mean to be rude by seeming to ignore them. I just feel uncomfortable sometimes making eye contact, I feel uncomfortable making the first acknowledgement of saying 'hi' sometimes. Silly I know. I always kick myself for it afterwards. 
10. What do you regard as your greatest achievement?

Some of my best achievements have come from my own work. In year 7 at 'Our lady of the pines' school, I won the first scholarship award. I'm proud of that. It seems strange that I am just about to have one of my photos from 'nothing but trees'   a post about pine trees, published in a book. I think that is kinda cool.

I got a few first prize and placement awards for photos at the show last year. I just haven't had the arse to enter this year. I also need to get myself another camera, a better one.

I can't go on with life thinking, 'what if I had that. If only I had this'. I have to just get on with what I have got and make the most of it. I think I take pretty good photos of my flowers anyway, with my shitty arse camera. I am just practicing for when I do have a kick arse camera. One of these frickin days.

At the moment my greatest achievement is getting through a day without crying over petty shit and not cracking a boonta at the kids. 


  1. Lovely to learn more about you Alicia! If you love Enid Blyton, have you read A Queer Adventure? I collect her vintage books and this one was my absolute fav. Only ever released in a first edition and I have a coveted copy! It's not well known and the title might have something to do with that! 😙

    1. I am not sure if I have read that one. I do remember really enjoying her books. Owning a first edition vintage book must be a treasure :)

  2. Chucking a boonta lol, I've never even heard of that before! Hilarious.

  3. Cracking a boonta is a new one for me too! Lovely to learn more about you Alicia. Absolutely love the Faraway Tree - my absolute fav!! :)

  4. Firstly cracking a boonta must become common language!!
    The fun police censored the enid blyton books and got rid of dick and fanny a while ago!!
    Love reading liebsters and learning more about my faves!!

    1. I love the creation of new words too Ann!

    2. Boonta has been around for a while. It is common language for me!

  5. Loved reading your answers Alicia... thanks so much for taking the time to partake. Congratulations on one of your photos being selected for publication! Awesome! You're not alone when it comes to making eye contact - is no easy task for many people, me included ;-) If I may ask one more question... what is the 'my place in time' challenge? Sounds interesting. Blessings ♥

    1. There is a link to the challenge in my sidebar. It is 100 photo prompt to record your time in history with the goal of making it into a book. I'm going to give a copy to the museum, library and maybe our local history group.

  6. Hi Alicia, I followed a link to your page that Ann at Help Stuck had posted on FB. I love reading Liebster answers too. I loved The Faraway Tree and many Enid Blyton books as a kid and I recently bought the audio book for the kids to listen to on long drives which kept them happy for ages! Winner. And I am still chuckling over the 'cracking a boonta' comment, love it. I would love to link up with a recent post, thanks for hosting. Beth.

    1. Thanks for joining in Beth. Enid Blyton audio books sound great, even I'd love them. It'd be a real trip down memory lane :)

  7. Hi Alicia! How is it Monday already? Geez!
    I actually have something new to share on my blog this week :)
    Thanks for hosting!!!

  8. Yes, no doubt make people happy is a good measure of success for our self-esteem!

  9. Hi Alicia, great to learn more about you, I know what your saying about making eye contact. I am more of an observer than a talker. Your photos are beautiful, clever lady. Loving your recipes to xxx

  10. Your dreams sound full on! Have you looked into what they mean?
    Where you live looks so beautiful so it's no wonder you love it so much! Will have to put it on my Aussie Bucket List!


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