Friday, November 14, 2014

Water works and birthday parties, with bit of snot thrown in.

Ah shit. What do I know this week?

Well I know that the man hanky is still in use with young men, well one young man, aged about 30. To me that is young. I was at a 50th a few weeks ago and spotted him pulling it out of his pocket, probably lined with crusted snot, and going the wipe.   

Haven't seen one in use for donkeys dicks(a long time). It makes me wonder. How does one go about washing such an item? Is it a soak and then in with the rest of the wash? Surely you wouldn't go bunging it in with a normal wash, in fear of having snot streaked clothes on the line? The mind boggles(and the body shudders at the thought). Do you know a man that uses man hankies? Ask him how he(moreover his wife, poor woman), washes them.

In other goings on, I have just divided my garden irrigation into four sections. I am a legend. Our new pump cannot produce the pressure to cope and I have had to take legendary measures. It takes a woman to do a mans work. Well the logic of a woman. 

I waltzed, as you do, into our local hardware and spent eighty dollars on stuff to do the job. In my flasho rubber boots no less and a two year old in tow.

I knew Boggy would chuck a hissy fit, and did. I couldn't have cared less. This garden is all I have got and I will not sit back and let it die.He can go and suck on rotten eggs!

After more or less putting it on me to fix the problems with the bore, because it's my garden, and if I don't do something about it, my garden will die. This is typical man, being typical arsehole. I used mum and dads ute to go pick up a water tank, a fire fighter pump to clean out the bore. The ute has a top speed of 80 clicks and is so old, I was too chicken to put the sun visor down in case there was a big spider living there.

After my brother, an ex driller, helped us clean out the bore, turns out there was nothing wrong with it.

It's just that the new pump wasn't strong enough to pump the pressure we I needed to water the garden in two stages. I needed to divide it into four stages. Which I did. Job done, Bobs your uncle. Fanny's your aunt. 

Alicia is a big fat, get the job done, legend. 

I had no guilt walking into that hardware store and spending what I had to, to get water back on my garden. No guilt. I don't smoke, play pokies. I don't insist on getting my hair done every other month. February was the last time I went to the hairdresser. I'm not off to the shopping centres spending up on clothes, shoes or whatever else every other week. I live pretty frugally, most of the time, which I don't mind. But there is no way in hell, I will let my garden die!

We had a couple of little girls birthdays over the weekend. Izzy turned five and Summer three. 

My boy turns 22 today. I've baked him a chocolate and date cake. I hope he likes it, because I just might make it a regular thing every year. My SILs mum died a few years ago. One thing she misses,  is the same cake she made her every year on her birthday.

Summer wanted Frozen, and Izzy, Peppa pig. It's the same cake I made for her third birthday. It must have been THAT good :)

Help! I'm stuck!
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  1. Good on you for getting the garden watering issue fixed. Sometimes (actually a lot of the time) it takes a women to get things done, even if it is just nagging to death. As for hankies, my step dad uses them and they just go in the normal wash, then hung on the line in the sun and ironed to make sure all those goobie germs are dead. They are so gross, I've had to wash them when there. Love the cakes! I know not being at home I miss little things about Birthdays like Mum cooking whatever I want plus a cake plus the fuss that is made of it. I am sure he appreciate many parts of the Birthday thing even if he doesn't say so.

  2. Um, you may want to delete that first comment. Idiot American male! No wonder you are single!

    1. I have deleted it Joolz, annoying spammers. Annoys me when they slip through.

  3. (Puts hand up in the air)
    I am that poor woman who's husband uses hankies. He never leaves the house without a perfectly ironed (by me) hankie in his left pocket. I am not bothered by them at all.
    They get washed with our 'smalls' and are the only thing I iron as soon as they are dry, then put away.
    I do encourage using tissues when he has a cold, for the germ factor, though.

    1. I find it adorably cute that he never leaves the house with one in his left pocket haha. I guess you save heaps on tissues :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Leanda. Mum and my sister gave them to me for my last birthday. I use them all the time for out in the garden :)

  5. I have known for donkeys dicks that you are a big fat get the job done legend!!
    Happy birthday to those gorgeous girls!!

  6. Donkeys dicks - LOVE IT! And you are a legend :)

    1. I am. Trouble is I have to remind myself EVERYDAY! Somedays it is hard :)

  7. Congratulations on these beautiful cakes! Happy birthday to the two!

  8. Very nicely written blog! My friend and I were also thinking about writing blogs. She is very good at writing and I can help her get pictures. It was lovely reading this blog and happy birthday to the little ones. Our first blog is about her niece’s birthday party which was in one of the venues in NYC.


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