Monday, November 10, 2014

Liebster award from Steph :)

I was given two liebster awards in August. One from Leanda and the other from Steph. Thanks to Steph who blogs here, you get to learn a bit more about me. Again. :)

You have 30 minutes all to yourself, what do you do? I know I shouldn't, but I usually do a quick whip around and clean up or hang washing. I need to learn to relax. 
Sometimes I go out in the garden to look at something and pull a weed, which ends up turning into lots of weeds and time gets away. It's a good way to waste time.
What do you prefer – chocolate tart or cheesecake? This is like choosing a favourite from my children. Is it even possible? I do love a good cheesecake, and I do love dark chocolate. Is anyone offering dark chocolate cheesecake?!
What’s the best advice that you've been given? Oh god. I was thinking about this the other day and I thought of it, that little bit of golden advice, but it has slipped my mind. Mum did tell me once though, not to stress about the house looking like a bomb hit it. She said that when you have kids, no one expects your house to be spotless. Good thing that, because my house rarely is.  
How many siblings do you have? I am the oldest of five children. I have two sisters and twin brothers. 
Your favourite thing to do on a date with a loved one? Me and Boggy (that's what I call my husband. It's an old nickname his dad gave him. Short for Bognut. You know. Bog=shit, nut=head). Any way Boggy and I, had a night in a motel a few months ago. Had a swim/spa, we went to an egyptian restaurant. Went for a lovely walk afterwards. Had a drink at an establishment and then went back to the hotel. That was a nice night. 
Do you have a brown thumb or a green thumb? Most definitely a green thumb. I like to garden, I have an interest in plants. All sorts, herbs, veggies and flowers. 
I've made a garden in every house I've lived in since I was 20. I can't imagine not having a patch of dirt to grow something in.
What’s something nice that someone else has done for you? Looked after my kids while I had a nice peaceful break. I probably did house work!
Describe your staple outfit. Jeans or trackies. A shirt. Thongs or sneakers. Of late I've been donning my rubber boots(they're fancy) to feed the chooks, or in the garden. Even wore them down to the hardware store last week. 
Your dinner last night was…. Ha. Homemade hamburgers. The 'black and gold' frozen variety, with 'homebrand' white bread, sliced cheese, fried egg and salad. Fancy. We'd been to the annual show in the morning and had visitors in the afternoon, while I decorated birthday cakes. I had a care factor of zero, when dinner time came around. 
What’s your quirky habit? I had to think about this one overnight.  I give myself direction, out loud. So everyone can hear. My head is such a jumbles sometimes, I have to tell myself what to do. I'm one of those mad bitches who talks to herself. Haha.
What reminds you of your childhood? Lollies. Music. Fresh cut grass. Crochet blankets. Hearing the local footy games from the house. 


  1. Oh my comment disappeared? Your favourite outfit sounds very much like my own. Comfy is the best. (Date night sounds fun too!)

  2. So lovely to read and learn more about you! I have on of these that I need to get on to!

  3. Great post, it's great getting to know you more. I'm giving myself a much needed day off and will be doing a lot of blog reading today. The blog post I've linked up will possibly explain why. I really should put myself in the blogging time out corner when hubby is away and there is a full moon.

  4. Our date nights sound very similar to yours... I usually have a care factor of zero for tea on most nights. Wish I had your love of gardening, and my mum does too!

  5. Steph nominated me too and I still haven't got around to doing my post yet! I'm the same as you if I get some spare time I always clean instead of relaxing.

  6. I always talk to myself out loud too! I remember so much more by doing this... :)

  7. Your first and second last responses would be the exact same as mine. I always find myself pulling out more than one weed when I go into the garden - it's like an obsession! And I talk to myself all the time - thank goodness no-one js around most of the time to hear me!

  8. I love the Liebster awards for the opportunity to learn more about my favourite bloggers. You've become more 'human' to me cause you feed your children lazy meals! I had asumed that you wouldn't because of all the recipes you share. xS

  9. Congrats on the second award Alicia!!
    I'm doing good linking up on the early side this week..esp considering it's still Sunday here ;)
    And I love your Halloween costumes shown in your previous post :)

  10. Oh my your husband's nick name, I had to laugh. I also talk out loud and tell inanimate objects what to do ... normal isn't it? Congrats on your award. Love reading along with your tales of life.

  11. Fresh cut grass - there's something so soothing about that. Must be childhood memories.

  12. Lollies are one of my favourite memories from childhood too Alicia... from my grandparents :-) Loved reading more about you♥

    1. When I wrote lollies I had my grandad in mind. He would always come with pocket fulls of Minties.

  13. Gosh, I sooooo talk to myself all the time, lectures and the works. Love it!

  14. A little late adding my link this week, but oh well better late than never! I've shared the love on twitter. x

  15. Thanks for playing along Alicia. Love your mum's piece of advice to you, so true! Our house always looks like a bomb has hit it.


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