Friday, October 31, 2014

Potty talk

I really wanted to post something today. 

There's lots going on in my life, I have snippets of things I want to write flash through my mind and I really should write them down. But alas I don't, they fleetingly pass through my brain, like diarrhoea.  

That bit of the literary runs, is not however,  the potty talk. 

I started toilet training my youngest. She turns three in a little over a week, it's about frickin time. 

When I trained Izzy, we did the three day training thingy. Whenever she felt a wee I raced her straight to the loo. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 buckaroonies. The toilet is where she ran to. I had a potty, but it didn't even get a look in. She picked it up in the three days and we were off like a firework. Too bloody easy. 

I can say that now. I do remember having towel upon towel in the wash, from the sole purpose, of wiping up piss off the floor.

My attitude after that experience was, Pffft, what use is the potty?! Cocky, as I was.

Little Summer was different. She wasn't running to the toot. After a couple days of piddly undies, and a solid poo(thank goodness) in a pretty pair of Peppa Pig undies(not so pretty after all), I got the potty out.

It's been all smooth sailing from there on in. Need I mention how nervous I get, after she has been for a wee, to come carrying the potty to show the visitors how much of a clever girl she is. I am just happy to be able to grab it from her before she upends it all over the bloody place. 

I started with the potty in the lounge room. We have progressed it to the end of the hallway. Now to get it down the end of the hallway, where the actual loo is. She has however just last night, shown interest in going on the loo. Yee bloody ha! I have the kiddy seat insert all ready, and she even tried to put in herself too.

Really, little Summer has had a big week. She has only just started to properly ride a bike on her own this week too. 

Izzy was riding a bike much before this age, and I think it is only because I haven't invested the time to teach and help Summer, that she has only just started. It's a bit same with the toilet training too. I started much earlier with Izzy, but it took until October before I was able to take her out with no nappy and feel OK that she wasn't going to have an accident. I am not that confident with Summer yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

In a couple of weeks time, I most definitely have probably shed some happy tears with Izzy starting school transition. 

Where does the bloody time go?

Christmas is kicking me up the arse already. I have a joint birthday party, and two cakes to bake yet. The Millicent show, a christmas pageant, a gymnastic concert, a kindy graduation. Sheesh!

It is of the most importance that I let my days slowly pass me by. Not to get panicked and not to get my knickers in a knot. Day at a time..... pissy towel at a time..... :)

Are you as baffled as me, as what happened to August and September?! 

Are you in Christmas panic mode yet? Only 8 weeks you know. You can hate me now ;)


  1. What I do remember about toilet training K was my SIL said - take heart from the fact that she will not walk down the aisle in a nappy !!!! I'd like to regale you with toilet training stories of what went right (or wrong) but I don't actually recall any so I will leave you with the same line 'Take heart from the fact that Summer will not walk down the aisle in a nappy" - good luck with going out nappyless !
    Have a wonderful weekend !

  2. Sorry - meant to add "Christmas ? What's that ?" - I am a total ostrich when it comes to Christmas and especially now that there is only my husband and I at home !!!!
    Me (aka the Christmas grinch) LOL

  3. We are in the middle of toilet training. Elliott happily takes himself to the toilet to do a wee but will still happily walk around with a poo in his nappy! We will get there soon. And as for Christmas, I have to get myself into gear. ..haven't bought one present yet...still dealing with birthdays!

  4. Potty training...I always wait until 3.5 years when I can explain it to them! Or sometimes longer. Some of them were quick and others painfully slow.
    Thank god I have a long wait until I have to face kinder again. I just completed 10 straight years of kinder - it was hell! Good luck with it all.
    I too have started Christmas shopping. I think the toddler is opening one of the parcels behind me right now! x

  5. Funny you should mention this, tonight is the first night my 3 year old has gone to bed in undies!! I have made him do a million wees before he went to bed!! Fingers crossed!!
    Best advice I have is what the preschool teachers told me and that is they will just get it, something in their head clicks one day and they get it. True with the 2 big ones!!
    I love and hate this time of year. And I have zero idea where this whole year has gone!! Hope Izzy is loving school transition, how exciting!!

  6. My first one was potty trained easily, the second one I kinda gave up and she trained herself. I am getting excited about Christmas and have bought a bit. I was in Myers yesterday and the Christmas music made me smile. Bring it on xxxxx

  7. Good luck with the toilet training!! Hope it's another easy one!
    Yes I am shocked as to how quickly these last few months have flown by, can't believe it's been a month already since I got home from Vietnam and am almost half way to the next lot of holidays!

  8. Such busy times. We didn't push Dora too hard with potty training either. So glad Summer is having lots of success with it. x


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