Monday, August 5, 2013

It's chorizo time again #openslather

My brother Auto was flown to Adelaide early last week, he's a bit crook. Thankfully he will live to fight another day, as long as he looks after himself. Mum drove up with his girlfriend and is still there. 

Right before she left Mum had minced an entire pig and added all the flavours, ready to make chorizos. I'm not sure of exact measures, but this entails soaking garlic in white wine overnight, then adding to the meat with lots and lots of paprika.

My sister and I, the kids and Boggy, turned up to give Dad a hand on Wednesday night. We got half way through the mince and I returned on Thursday to help him finish it off. 

All my kids are crazy for these chorizos, they are seriously good. I fried a bit of the mince up for lunch, Dad and I laughed as Summer and Izzy scoffed it up. If Jake had been there it would have been and all in brawl.

I helped Dad last year too, as Mum was working, she left her cleaning job about a month ago. Just as well, and it's weird the way things work out, with her having the time free to go be with Auto. Worrying about and breaking down when things happen to your kids is never easy, no matter how old they get.

I really loved doing the chorizos with Dad again. It's the same recipe and the same way he used to do with his family in Spain years ago. I know it meant a lot to him, to have his family helping just like he helped his.

String, lots and lots of string. We used almost four boxes.

Dad has just spent the weekend in Adelaide with Mum, he flew home last night. I talked to Mum yesterday, she said the first thing he will do is open up the shed and check on his sausages. I can imagine the first thing he'll do is light the little wood oven to help dry them out a bit. Just like last year too, he'll light a little fire beneath them in an old plough disc to smoke them a little. 

In a few weeks I can imagine him dashing across the road with a few cured salami chorizos for the old italian ladies when they are on their daily walk. Everyone loves them.

My legs and butt were feeling it the next day after going up and down that ladder


  1. I enjoy reading about family traditions. This one is incredible. WOW. Can't say I have ever tried these.

  2. Wow, this looks amazing. What a great family tradition to keep going.

    My open slather link today is from this time last year - I don't mind a bit of reminiscing!

    Have a great week :-)

    1. Thanks for joining in. I love doing making these with my dad :)

  3. How lovely that your family does this together! A lovely tradition!

  4. That is the coolest things Alicia - are they quite spicy ones? I ADORE chorizo. Those pics are fantastic, and it's such a nice tradition to carry on :)


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