Monday, August 12, 2013

The latest in Barbie hair trends #openslather

It seems a talented, yet unauthorised hairdressing ring has set up shop under my kitchen table. All the coolest dolls have been seen there and sporting their new do's around town. 

The scissor police have been deployed and have been combing the scene for the offenders. 

The style police have declared jurisdiction in the fact that Barbies in the vicinity actually look really good with short hair. However revoked after they were shocked at the lack of decorum and style in no underpants while wearing a length challenged dress, with the paparazzi in clear view. Appalling. 


  1. Ha whoops! Love the latest hair styles!

  2. Haha, I love it! My Miss 6 asked for scissors recently while holding a Barbie. I quietly explained that Barbie hair doesn't grow back. "I know" was the response, but let's just say the scissors weren't requested again!

  3. haha! We've played hairdressers here too. Except that she asked me to put Barbie's hair back on afterwards... Umm, sorry, no can do... :(

  4. LOVE the barbie story & fashion faux pas = hysterical! It's better to have happened on barbie...ours once happened on my youngest's own hair & the hair of the dog & of course it happened just before my parent's 40th anniversary party & family photos!

    Have a GREAT week ~ Jodie

  5. Haha that's funny and it brings back memories, but not of my barbies, of my troll dolls!

    Thanks for linking up!


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