Thursday, May 10, 2012

The tatts out the bag

Jake and Jo (the girlfriend) are staying at his Nannas(my mum) for a few days. Made sushi rolls earlier, and took some round, because he loves them and thats what mothers do. 

First thing I noticed is he is sporting an earring. OK, cool, I thought.
Took a photo of the kids all together, because haven't taken one since Summer was a week old.

I brought the conversation back to the earring.  "Looks good,  next thing, you'll be getting a tattoo". I'm not sure whether its mothers intuition or what, but my immediate thought, and I said it out loud (in a jokingly, jovial way), "You've already got one, haven't you?!!". The smile on his face gave it away, "Where is it?!!" was my next question, he turned and walked away down the passage saying "nooo, I haven't got one". 

So in walks Jo, and I ask where Jakes tattoo is. She laughed and says, "Oh,do you know about that", grabbing her arm. BINGO!!! I don't know what the big secret was, he's an adult, why would he feel he needed to keep a tattoo from me? He's had it for about a month. Anyhoo, I went down there and had a look, in a funny way I was proud of my big boy. I made comments about sweating bullets, and ask if it hurt etc, of course he said no. I don't have any tatts, so I wouldn't have a clue. Here's the tatt, that is now, out the bag.


  1. Haha. Mothers always know. We just do. =) It is a feeling, gut, whatever you want to call it-but we KNOW.=)
    Linking up from Flashback!

    1. It was an instant gut feeling, I knew!

  2. So intuitive, I don't even notice when my daughter has a new sticker (haha, parent of the year) and here you are working out he has something you can't even see. Thanks for linking up for Flashback Friday Blogshare!

    1. He's 20 now, I have had a lot of practice reading him!


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