Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Leaky Nappy

Sunday night I climbed into bed, about 10 pm. I usually have my nightly shower, I couldn't be bothered, left my top on I had worn all day, and put my jammie bottoms on. I layed my head on the pillow....wetness. Only at that moment did I remember that Isabel had been in our bed that morning.

When I got to changing her nappy, it was soaked along with her pjs, and my immediate thought was 'shes been in my our bed'. I don't need to tell any mother how busy and distracted one becomes during the day. I'd forgotten to get around to checking the bed for 'water' damage!

So I felt around on the bed, a wet patch just below the pillow. I just let out a sigh and turned the pillow over and put it over the wet patch. I tried to drift off to sleep, and as I usually love to sleep on my tummy with my hands under the pillow....under the pillow go my arms...wet!! Oh the hardships!! Needless to say I fell asleep amidst the leaky nappy incident and it now being Monday afternoon, I still am unshowered. Bring on shower time tonight.

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