Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feeding time(at the zoo)

The high chair came down out of the loft in the shed last night. It's that time again! A bit of White King and it was ready to go.  It's the same high chair that Isabel used, it belonged to Bretts sister, and was used for her two boys, a little over 20 years ago!

Summer is 6 months old tomorrow, she's been having purees since she was 4 months old. This was her first real go at chunks of vegies, pumpkin, potato and carrot. She did pretty well, although by the end of it, there was MESS!

I'd always fed her in her rocker, usually me sitting on the lounge room floor, about an hour before we ate. When we ate our tea she sat in her rocker next to us or up on the table.

Last night she had her usual pureed vegies at 5, then joined us at the table and we all ate together for the first time as a was a bit spesh. The start of many more memorable meals around our family table.

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