Friday, May 25, 2012

Road trip to visit Poppy John

Poppy John adores Isabel and Summer

Saturday(19th May) we set off for Arno bay, thats where Bretts brother lives. Our visit is to see Bretts dad, John, he used to live there, but has recently moved into the old folks home in Cleve. He's turning 90 later in the year and his health is failing him, so we thought it was best we went to see him now. Plus, he had a new granddaughter to meet.

The trip is about 1000 kilometres, with two kids in tow, it takes longer with stops for feeds and nappy changes etc. I really wasn't looking forward to the trip at all, never am. We stayed in Gawler overnight, at Bretts sister house, and went the rest of the way the next day.

We arrived at nearly 6pm on the Sunday. We decide where we are going to stay, the choice of two caravans, in the main house or "the unit". Bretts brother(Jacko) rents out two units he built next to his house. About a month ago, there was a murder-suicide in one of the units, and YES!! we stayed there!!! It was a bit freaky, but all good, the insurance company had it cleaned and refurnished, but I bet we were the talk of the town that weekend.

The oldies at the home loved the two girls, there was one particular lady who asked me five times in 15 minutes what Summers name was, dear thing. We visited John on Monday and took him to the Darke Peak pub for lunch. It was then that we realised how immobile and frail he had become, just the walk into the pub was exhausting for him. We had lunch and took him back to the home for a rest.

Tuesday we visited again and on Wednesday, Brett went to pick him up and brought him back to Jackos to spend some time in his old home. It was great to have him there. He gets confused easily, and was sitting on the couch and asked "Are we at Annettes now?", which we were. I'm so glad we went to see the old fella and he spent time with his two youngest granddaughters. I hope we get to see him again.

Precious photo, Summer holding Pops hand

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