Monday, February 12, 2018

Why worry?

Worry is not my friend. I worry about all the things. Especially after that moment my head hits the pillow. 

My issue with worry, has more to do with anxiety than anything. I spend too much overthinking things that I don't need to spend my mental energy on.

I do my best worrying when I am stressed. When my mind is under attack, all the things that I can't control take over. It extends itself to my shoulders, arms, back, stomach and legs. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

I worry about my adult son. He has aspergers and schizophrenia. I worry about his health, mainly his mental health. I worry that he will relapse. I worry about his future. 

I worry too much about what other people are thinking. Like the job I do at work. I worry I am not cut out to coach kids, and that I don't do a good enough job. I know this is not true, I did a fab job last year at teaching four year olds. I need to believe in myself more.

Things that help me-

  • Not crossing bridges before I have come to them. Trying not worry about things that might happen, not worth it.
  • Realising that everything is not as bad as I think. Things are going to happen no matter how much I worry about them. In reality everything will probably work out fine.
  • Address any fears, rather than dwelling on them. It's better to get the hard things over and done with, the smaller things will seem that much easier.
  • Talk to someone for a different perspective, or for encouragement.
  • Taking some quiet time. Light some candles or incence. Read. Breathe. Garden.
  • Write lists, and feel good about crossing off achievements. The smallest things can add up to realising my day was actually really productive. 
  • A good cry is a great outlet to get rid of some anxiety and pent up stress. I find life realigns not long after the release of a good sook.
  • Accept that not everything is controlable. There are some things that are uncertain and that is ok.
  • Spend some time for worry and then let it pass. Life is still there to be lived. I don't want to miss out on the good things, experiences because I let worry consume me.


  1. Thanks, Alicia, for hosting the link up, and sharing things that help you overcome your worry. I've shared 12 simple ways that help me bust my worry. Have a great week!

  2. I'm a worrier but I am trying hard to embrace strategies. Thanks for sharing yours :)

  3. I just love the last point!! It's perfect!

  4. I'm a bit of a worrier too. I wish I could be more like my husband - he's all 'there's no point worrying, so I won't'. Somehow he can choose not to worry!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. I suffer from anxiety and take low dose meds to control it. Things are good for me now with only normal levels on a day to day basis.
    I think I have become much better at controlling it now and probs don’t need the meds at all now.
    Great post Alicia. X

  6. Your strategies for helping yourself through worry and anxiety are spot on - in fact they are pretty much the same ways I deal with my own worries. Very practical, useful and simple advice x

  7. Not crossing bridges too early is one that I find hard at times.

  8. I try and remind myself not to worry about things outside my control and that the worst things that I can imagine happening are actually very unlikely to happen but sometimes its hard to stop worrying!


  9. Alicia, this is such a powerful and meaningful post. Thank you for sharing your struggle and your tips as they will help many people. I used to have the same problem with worry and anxiety...and what really helped me a ton was giving up the things I can't control to a higher power. For a class I was taking for addictions counseling, we were required to attend a 12 step meeting. I quickly realized that many of the 12 steps are so perfectly appropriate for dealing with all of life's stresses! Once I was able to grasp that idea and really, truly give up my worry to the universe, my stress levels have decreased to almost none! Sending you lots of positive vibes, my friend.


  10. I have learned a lot since getting cancer about what I can do something about and what I cannot. It actually helps!! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 7/52. Next week's optional prompt: February Is...


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