Monday, February 26, 2018

Bedside interviews

I saw this mini quiz on Facebook. One of my friends had posted it. So when the kids settled into bed last night, I went and sat on their respective beds and quizzed away. We had good little chats.

Yesterday Facebook reminded me of earlier days with this flashback to 2012. Summer was almost four months old and Izzy 2 years.

I remember this day. We were in the middle of a heatwave and the air conditioner had shit itself. We'd had the house closed up all day and went to Mum's in the afternoon as the house was like a sauna. 

What is your name? Isabel
How old are you? Eight.
When is your birthday? November the 11th
What's your favourite colour? Greeny blue 
What's your favourite food? Strawberries
Who is your best friend? Aya
What's your favourite song? Down with the pew(you tube song about nerf guns)
What's your favourite animal? Dolphin
What are you scared of? Snake
What makes you happy? Cats
Where is your favourite place? Queensland
What do you want to be when you grow up? Behind the counter, at Toys R Us.
What does love mean? I don't know...Friends

What is your name? Summer
How old are you? Six!
When is your birthday? November ninth.
What's your favourite colour? Pink and purple
What's your favourite food? Um...Grapes.
Who is your best friend? Kaylee
What's your favourite song? Jingle Bells
What's your favourite animal? Dolphin and Giraffe
What are you scared of? Dark...but only outside
What makes you happy? Funny things
Where is your favourite place? Queensland. They have good water parks and stuff, and I went on a roller coaster.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A shop Target
What does love mean? When there something that you love. Like there is something colourful and you love it.

It seems our holiday to Queensland last year left an impression. I want to be there too sometimes.
Who knew Dolphins were so popular in our household?! 


  1. I like that they both want to work in shops - you can see what looms big in their world at the moment!

  2. November is a big birthday month for you. It would be interesting to interview them every couple of years and see how their views have changed.

  3. This is adorable and the grumpy-faced pic is so sweet! Great interviews!

  4. I see you have the trifecta of November babies....your comment above. That holiday in Queensland sure was remembered and how lovely that is too! Denyse x

  5. What a cute quiz! My sons fave food is strawberries too. Might ask him the questions tonight!

  6. I love their responses - it definitely seems that Queensland made a huge impression on them!!!

  7. You gotta love kid interviews! So cute!



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