Thursday, June 23, 2016

Playing catch up #fmy52weeksofmemories

So, I am totally playing catch up on Toni's 52 weeks of memories. 

I am a sucker or over loading my cup, and with the three challenges I am undergoing at the moment, I think I've overestimate my abilities. I have found it's easy to commit, but harder to push the limits of what I am capable of. I need to be more focused. I think though however, I am good at fudging the task.

I bring you the last three #fmy52weeksofmemories prompts -


Two girls and their dog.....

These two shit burgers, can bring me the most cutest, gorgeous sisterly moments, or they can deliver the most trying of parenting shit fights imaginable. I love them all the same. With the help of wine......

My favourite of favouritest lunch time meals. Some African spices, veggies  and beans , with yogurt and fresh herbs. Yumbo!! Hearty, warming and healthy. 

UP and away. When we visited Pelican Point over the weekend, there were so many birds. When we rounded the point, I was in instant awesomeness mode as I saw several pelicans roosting on the point, which reefs were covered in the high tide. There were so many species of birds, I cant wait to get a better lens to capture them closer up.

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  1. The beach is always so compelling even on the grey days isn't it? The character of it changes every visit, I say. If I was doing any kind of challenges I'd be so behind, I'd give up!


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