Friday, June 24, 2016

Bringing the Color Alive

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Crayola

Color Alive takes the simple task of colouring to a whole new level. Kids love the new and exciting engagement it brings, through interactive play, with some of their favourite characters. 

My girls had a ball with the colouring and the app. They adored seeing their coloured characters jump of the page, and wanted to do it again and again. 

Using a tablet or smartphone, and the FREE Color Alive app, we scanned the coloured picture and watched as it magically came to life in 4D, with the colours they had used.

Each colouring book comes with 6 Crayola crayons and 1 special effects crayon. Also 16 pages of colouring fun, to bring to life. 

The special effects crayon, when scanned using the app, create animated effects on screen. Marvel Avengers has comic symbol effects, fire for Mythical Creatures, ice sparkles for Disney Frozen and pixie dust for Enchanted Fairies.

Any colouring mediums can be used, but the special effects will only appear with use of the Special Effects crayons.

We found the darker the colouring, the better the colours showed up in the app.

Color Alive lifts the characters off the page, kids can interact with their creations including taking selfies with them. Characters can be saved using the app for later play, without the colouring book.

Please excuse the cracked screen. This tablet has seen better days, only lasting a day out of the box! I cover it with a new film of clear contact every now and then, and it still works brilliantly.

Quite often a colouring book is only used for colouring and then forgotten about until next time. Color Alive brings so much more value as every page is scannable with the app, coloured or not, for days and days of extra play and creativity.

I think this is a brilliant product, I had as much fun as the kids. Maybe a little more. With a RRP of $7.99 at most major retailers, it is well worth the money. If not for some sanity in the school holidays, but also would make a fabulous birthday gift or Christmas stocking filler, and Lord knows that will be on top of us before we know it.

I have found a free trial page from the Mythical Creatures book,you can colour and scan with the FREE Color Alive app. You can see how it works for yourself.

Put the kettle on luv.


  1. These books are so much fun. My kids have been colouring themselves silly.

  2. How fantastic is that?!! Gosh they come up with some great things these days. I think I would enjoy that myself. They should do it for the adult colouring world too! ;-)

  3. We've been playing around with ours today, they're so much fun! I think I'm more excited about them than bub lol.

  4. Wow! How awesome! What a great way to combine technology and creativity/art!

  5. That looks so cool! I thought about getting one for Punky last year but I wasn't sure how exactly it worked. Now I am definitely going to get this for her birthday, she will absolutely LOVE it! Her two favourite things, colouring and playing the iPad!


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