Monday, June 6, 2016

My phone and I have been living under a rock.

I have a Windows phone. For the last couple of years I have been using the Instagram Beta app. It is shit, it is not up to date and for the last month it hasn't even been working properly. Silly old me didn't even know there was an alternative, or bothered to look.

So over the weekend I googled an alternative, and there staring me in the face was an app called 6tag.

It is the most fabulous app for Windows phone Instagram users, that has filters I didn't even know existed! I feel like such a nit wit because I have been using a beta version of Instagram all along.

I am in love. I am up to date and in love.

It does have ads though and you have to pay a small price (like a few dollars) to get rid of the ads and be able to post videos (which I could never do with the beta version).

I love Instagram and I love that I can now use it better. I can't believe the new filters,  I know I already said that. I feel I have walked out of a time warp!

Mum had a huge garage sale over the weekend, my sister and I went and helped her out. Her and Dad like to go to clearance sales and they'd accumulated a lot of stuff. Dad likes to collect stuff. Every six months or so they have a garage sale.

Dad was in hospital the night before after a health scare, so he wasn't at the garage sale and Mum a little bit beside herself and grateful for the help. Dad is AOK, he's had a stent put in yesterday, the same time they were looking around inside him with a tiny camera. Pretty amazing what they can do these days. Ever so grateful of what they can do these days. We get to keep him a little bit longer.

I was a bit scared.

Instagram beta kept crashing on my phone and I didn't get to share my photo of later that day, when I was using my tea pot for one. I have a tea pot for one. It was left over from the sale and Mum let me have it. She 'let' me have a few things, I slipped ten bucks in the cookie tin till while she wasn't looking.

I am also loving my Dutch hoe. There's probably a few inappropriate jokes here, bound to insult a nationality and all women at the same time, so we won't go there.

It's a little hoe with a long handle. I've tested it out already in the garden and it's so cool. I can stand up and scratch weeds from the dirt, no bending down, no gloves, I don't get my hands dirty. Who would have thought I would be so excited about an old weathered broom stick with a rusty attachment at the end of it! I know.

Yesterday my sister and I, and our chainsaw yielding partners went and cut a heap of wood at the back of Mum and Dad's yesterday. It would take a load of Dad's worries when he gets back home, which shouldn't be too long now they worked out what's wrong, and fixed it.


  1. Sorry to hear your dad has been unwell. Hope he is on the mend. X

  2. I'm glad your dad is okay. Medical technology is amazing these days!

  3. Hope dad is OK. Technology in all areas is pretty cool these days. I love Insta too

  4. Now I know why I am seeing your cards from ICAD2016! And I am very pleased you've joined in. More pleased though to read your update about Dad. He is fortunate to have a family who loves and cares very much. Denyse xx

  5. I am glad you dad is doing OK, so scary! I love Instagram too, LOVE it!

  6. My dad has had a few stents put in - scary times, but glad he's okay xx

  7. Glad to hear your dad is now's pretty scary when that happens. My mum had to have emergency bypass surgery back in 2010 and it was the scariest thing ever.

    Must admit I'm an Insta-fan too. I've downloaded other photo apps but tend to use instagram the most.


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