Monday, June 27, 2016

A few quick things

Although it means having to entertain my own two kids for two weeks straight, I am ready for school holidays.

I could have easily stayed in bed this morning. 

After Masterchef last night I went and layed down with Summer, my cuddly girl. She always stays awake a little later than Izzy does, but also likes to sleep in. With no intention of falling asleep myself, I did, and woke at half past one in the morning. 

Having not written anything for this mornings post, here I am doing with a cup of tea at half past seven in the morning. When I should be packing a lunch box and making my breaky. Thank goodness the darlings are still asleep.

Brett and I squeezed in a night to ourselves over the weekend. We watched Independence Day Resurgance, had dinner, and were home by 8:30pm! 

There was totally a time, not that the movie was bad, that I could have closed my eyes and had a nice little sleep. I almost did, and thought I'd better not.

We tried leaving home about 2pm, but a comedy of errors, on Brett's part, nothing to do with me, we were pushed for time. We had plenty of time because of the twenty minutes of ads and crap at the start of the movie, we were never going to be late. But Brett was stressing out. 

With me quoting him in front of the kids and Izzy egging Summer on to repeat it, I caught some comedy gold on video, which had us cracking up at dinner. 

That is just typical, watching videos of kids at dinner on our own. We have to have something to talk about.

Fingers crossed I'll be able to have some time away to myself this weekend. Just have to work around and election and having to help Brett pick up an outdoor setting, I may just get one night. One blissful night.


  1. I hope you get your one blissful night off and make the most of it!

  2. Nothing better than me time. We've just had a weekend away but now we're planning one for just ourselves.

  3. we're in school holidays here, juggling hubby's night shift roster... I'll need a weekend away once they're back at school!

  4. I so hope you get your time have been waiting and waiting!!

  5. A date! How lovely. I look forward to having them again sometime with my husband. It's not been terribly possible this last year, but we value time together even if it is just sharing the couch. I'm happy to be out of routine too and on holidays with all the boys! Yay!

  6. Here's to some time for yourself! Day 2 of school hols here and going well as my sister is here! xx

  7. Nothing beats a lovely time with the family. I hope you get to have your much needed break of me time. :)


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