Friday, May 29, 2015

May #52weeksofmemories

17. Colour

An colourful, early mothers day present from school

Izzy painting her sisters face. She's supposed to be a tiger.

18. Water

Walking around Lake McIntyre for the school fun run.

The view of the lake from one of the bird watching huts. By the end of winter, all that green is under water.

19. With mum
Sneaking out to spend time with mum, when she's supposed to be in bed.

20. From the side

Siding at the old Tantanoola train station.

By the side of the road. Had to pull over so she could wee. It was a beautiful day.

21. Animal

Painted at playgroup today. This is our dog, Peppi. Complete with black spots.
It doesn't even matter that she gave him six legs. 


  1. All the painting how precious - what a good mumma you are letting them paint each other's faces! My fav is the train station - picturesque x

    1. Tantanoola is a great little town. Not much there. A footy club, a playground with a pub across the road! And the old railway station. Great for a short drive to take the kids for a picnic lunch, and maybe a takeaway from the pub, while the kids play in the playground. ;)

  2. Oh the face painting is so cute!! Great photos lovely!


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