Friday, May 8, 2015

This garden path I'm on

My garden is so established, it doesn't take much maintenance. Seasons come and go. Weeds are pulled, roses are pruned, escaping ivy is contained. The ivy seems to be my biggest problem. 

It wasn't here when we got here, but it took off like a shot in no time. My guess it was here before and it's just taken over again.

I've forgotten the therapeutic benefits of getting out in the garden. I've become complacent, lazy. On Saturday morning I filled an empty green waste bin with ivy that had spilled over the paths borders. It felt good. It made me sweat, and I realise how unfit I am. 

Last week I saw my uncle, and he asked me if I had 'one on the way'. I responded "No. I'm just fat!". I took no offence from it. I have stacked it on. Like I said, I've gotten lazy. 

So back on the healthy eating, an attempt at looking after me. Getting back to the basics, the things close to me, that bring me satisfaction. Like tending my garden, taking photos and appreciating the simple things I have, and not getting down about the things I don't have or have time for. 

Outside my front door, there is a place, my garden, that brings me peace. I never tire of the passing seasons and the wonderful things that happen there.

I've had a garden in every home I've lived in since I was 20. Besides my own garden, I have worked in two fabulous local gardens. Something I am proud of, and really I should be backing myself more than I do, when it comes to garden knowledge.

This year I have joined my local community garden. I've already convinced several gardening stalwarts, that the Slippery Jack mushrooms that grow there, are not weedy fungi. You can actually eat them! A bonus to our community garden if anything.

Being involved in the community garden brings new and exciting possibilities, dreams. Goals. I have already pushed my boundaries, and social anxieties, by approaching several local businesses for donations. I am still feeling apprehensive about it all, but know what I am doing is good. I am feeling unsure about the website I have set up for the gardens. Insecure. But again, is it a good thing.

But like blogging, I just have to believe. If it feels right, just keep pushing on. Keep plugging away. There is always encouraging people and moments of gold along the way. That little piece of sparkle is motivation enough. Motivation that my direction is positive, a step in the right direction. In the end, if the direction is not the one that I am not supposed to be on, at least I have learned new skills. Skills that will boost me on a new path. 

What skills are helping you on your path?
Do you lend your skills to your local community?


  1. Lovely garden! Mine has been neglected lately with the colder weather setting in in NZ and I don't see taht changing anytime soon! I'm an amateur gardener though, just started this summer. I planted some fig ivy which seems to be doing nothing, I hope it grow soon but doesn't take over!

    1. Agh, sorry for the typos!

    2. If I had the choice I wouldn't plant any type of ivy. I don't know anything about fig ivy. I hope it doesn't take off on you.
      The cold weather has set in here too. If the sunshine is shining, it's the wind that's freezing cold! Time to get the winter woollies out.

  2. I am so happy for you that you have rediscovered the joys of gardening. I find I struggle to get out there but when I do I also remember how much joy it brings and how good exercise it is! I totally agree that the simple things in life are what bring you the most joy. Thank you for sharing

  3. Lovely pics of a lovely garden. I like the idea that gardens grow even when we are lazy (because I'm lazy when it comes to gardening). I like the idea that we change and grow even when we aren't actively pursuing growth if we just allow. Good luck with the community garden - I'm sure it (and you) will be great.

  4. Gardening is one of my happy places too, when I do it. I don't make the time like I would like to at the moment. I have a community garden plot as well and find it really rewarding. Gardening is nurturing and definitely can be a way through the thick of things and even provide some light exercise! :-)

  5. My garden has the dredded onion weeds that pop up every year in late winter. But slowly slowly I am winning the battle just like slowly slowly my blog is getting better.

  6. I literally just started gardening for the first time yesterday. Living in Arizona, it's hard to figure out what is going to live through our wicked summers.

  7. I can imagine how that community garden would give you so much fulfilment. I play the piano for church and volunteer at a charity that helps dress and mentor disadvantaged women who are trying to get into the work force. I love the sense of belonging.


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