Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Garden inspiration

After going to look at open gardens I came home and had the urge to put rusty junk in my garden. To paint old chairs, do some rearranging and making.

Here's some of what I've been up to and what's flowering. Sorry in advance for the photo overload.

Sweet peas will be flowering soon. I rescued the 'speak no evil' frogs that had been buried under weeds
for ages and plonked them behind the cubby house were not much grows. There is a pond near here, so they
fit in.

This used to be our fruit bowl. Repurposed.

Cheap shop heart hanging in the plum tree

I got this little fella half price because he had a broken ear.

There used to be a stone bench here. 

I went and scrounged around my dads shed(junk yard), made this with some wire and a $3.50 heart from the
garden centre

No grass wants to grow here, so I plonked the stone bench there.

Another home madey from Dads junk yard

The chook house, all 'blinged' up


  1. Wow, your garden is awesome! So much repurposed stuff which looks so at home where it is. Love it!

  2. Oh wow! I have a brown thumb and kill everything I touch so I'm VERY impressed. What a lovely garden!

    1. Thanks Deborah. It takes a bit of work with my green thumbs, but I love it.

  3. One day I am coming to visit your amazing garden!!
    You really were inspired weren't you!!

    1. That would be awesome Ann. Now I just have to keep the enthusiasm going to keep it looking good :)

  4. Funny and beautiful pictures. I love those sculptures in the garden!

  5. Your garden is like a little corner of paradise. Your girls are so lucky to have a mum with such a green thumb so they have this oasis to play in! I love the idea of putting a plant inside an old kettle :)

  6. It's absolutely beautiful, you've done an amazing job.

  7. I like your garden, Alicia! It looks so bohemian — very natural and laid-back. You don’t have to spend a lot for the outdoor furniture and other ornaments to make it look more beautiful. And the dried fallen leaves and stems serves nicely to enhance the effect. Good job!

    Gwendolyn Reyes @ Tapestry Landscape


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