Monday, October 21, 2013

People playing sport #openslather

My place in time #15

 Saturday was a day for spectator sport. Me and the girls walked over to the tennis courts to watch Boggy and their cousin Bonnie play tennis. It was the first round for the season. Bonnie was just filling in, I was asked but gracefully said hell no! declined. 
Sitting on the bonnet of the car, watching Daddy play tennis

Later in the day we all headed to Bolton Oval to watch Bonnie's fiance Ben, play his second round of baseball for the 'Bandits'. They won.

I haven't played a team sport since Izzy was three months old, when I filled in at the end of the softball season that year. 

Maybe I should have taken up the opportunity for a quick couple games of tennis. 

Do I want them ringing me every other weekend to fill in? No.

Do I want to have my hubby as a doubles partner? No. I would never hear the end of his coaching advice, it would drive me nuts. No one wants to see me wrap a tennis racket around his head.

Are you playing any sport this season? 
If not, you must be a spectator, what do you like to watch?

'My place in time' is a local history project set by Kell at Blackcurrant Photography


  1. Nothing better than watching your children play sport.
    Hubby wearing a tennis racket - he he - could be a new fashion statement for sport!

    1. I used to love taking and watching Jake play football, I enjoyed every bit about it :)

  2. I am so unco-ordinated that I was always the last one picked for team sport at school, so as you can imagine I avoid it like the plague. Running, walking and gym suit me just fine. No pressure there. Gotta admit that mental image of the tennis-racket-wearing has me giggling :)

    1. There's no obligation to have to turn up every week with running and walking. I love getting out for a walk. Glad it gave you a giggle, I know him all too well :)

  3. I actually didn't do netball this season - I just found I ended up resenting it and making myself more stressed because my newspaper deadline is Tuesday... BUT I hope I can get our kids into sports BIG TIME! xx

  4. Well I don't 'do' sport and I don't really watch either. Yep totally not into sport, at all. I used to swim, a lot. Then life out west interrupted that. I should get back on the boat.

  5. I totally want to see you wrap a tennis racquet around hubbys head!! hilarious!! Back for open slather next week, promise!!


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