Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello baby magpie

Friday morning, while changing a nappy on the kitchen table(yes I do that all the time), I heard a thud and caught a flash of something hitting the window next to me.

The protector, this arch is a couple of metres from the window
It was a windy day, and most of them have been lately, and I'm not sure whether this little guy got blown out of the nest or he's been trying out his wings. I've heard baby magpies out in the garden, but hadn't taken the time to notice where the nests are.

Magpies are always lurking around the garden, they're no trouble and I'm surprised after seeing this baby one, that they haven't been more protective and swooping or bossing me about in the yard. I guess these magpies are used to us, and used to the kids out in the yard too. 

The bird sat here for a while and I didn't notice when he moved, but I was thankful that Buzz the dog wasn't here anymore, and that the cat had disappeared long ago(not long after the dog arrived) otherwise this little bird would have been a goner.

When he was down out the nest, the mother, or father bird, I'm not sure how they roll, wasn't far away. Keeping watch over the baby. I was kind of a bit scared to go out and hang out my washing, but they left me alone. They were watching though.

On Saturday morning the baby turned up on the front steps, again with a bodyguard not far away. The girls were itching to open the door to go and say hello, and I explained to them why they couldn't. 

The nest is right at the top of the gum tree on the right
I haven't seen him again after that, but have heard the squawking high up in the gum tree out the back. I have no idea how the nest is still in the tree, it's right at the top and it's been as windy as buggery. 


  1. Magpie always make me feel nervous! This one seems to be an inquisitive little fellow :)

    1. He was, I couldn't believe it when he was up on the steps at the front door!

  2. Have you heard them whinging to their parents to be fed?! What a racket! We often have a magpie parent and baby visit and boy can those babies cry!

    Glad to hear they're not in attack mode. Mr 19 has been driving to work even though it's just round the corner, to avoid the aggressive magpies on the walk there!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT today xxx

    1. My dad has ones that swoop across the road from his house. Boggy got attacked riding his bike past there, he hates them. I got screeched at going to take some photos of flowers a couple of days ago, the baby was on the fence. I wasn't going to push it and stayed away.
      They do make a racket baby birds, I thought my kids were bad lol, I would hate to be a magpie mother! I do love the magpie song though in the early morning.

  3. We don't have magpies in Darwin I don't think, but I find this story captivating! how gorgeous that the parents watch them. So unlike many other animals

  4. I'm petrified of swooping magpies. We have one (or maybe it is a Currawong - I'm a bit ignorant about birds!) inhabiting one of the trees in our front yard. I always encourage the kids to get from car to house as quickly as possible, and to play in the backyard, never the front! No swoops yet

  5. We had a few swoopers this year at the mailbox and it scared the shit out of the kids!!


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